We Get Spooky With Super7 & Saucony's New Universal Monsters Shoes

We say it all the time around these parts; Super7 is our favorite toy company, hands down. Not only do they make fantastic figures and toys, but they are also a full-on geek company, making items and products that we fellow geeks have been dreaming of for years. Horror-teamed trick or treat buckets? Check. Pint glasses featuring GI Joe, Transformers, and the Universal Monsters? Check. And then you have the collaborations they do, like what we are taking a look at today. For the second time, they have partnered with Saucony to produce an awesome Universal Monsters line of shoes. Super7 sent us over two pairs to show off for you, so let's take a look at the Frankenstein and Creature From the Black Lagoon colorways.

We Get Spooky With Super7 & Saucony's New Universal Monsters Shoes
Super7xSaucony Shoes

What Can't Super7 Do?

First of all: the box these come in. My god, man, this Monster Kid squealed when I saw it. Made to look like a crate that someone should have left at the bottom of a lake, everything from the colors to the coffin Super7 logo is perfection. It makes me think of all those classic one-sheet posters from all those years ago, the ones that make the hair stand up on your arms when you see them. Perfect job here.

The shoes themselves are a delight. I love how tailored to each Universal Monster character they are. The Frankenstein ones have stitches holding the shoe together. The Creature ones have this strange, seaweed-like texture to them that is super weird to the touch but fantastic to look at. The Jazz Original shoes have a mix of nylon and suede for a real comfortable fit as well. I have never had a pair of shoes like this on my foot, but they are lightweight and airy. I won't be wearing them too often, as they will be going on my Universal Monsters/Super7 figure display, but I can see these being easy to maintain if being worn often.

I love these things. Now, the shoes sold out pretty quickly at Super7 stores proper when they did their on sale Friday. However, there are limited numbers available now directly from Saucony right now by clicking here. Thank you again to Super7 for the awesome addition to my display.

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