Unboxing The Super7/Topps 2020 MLB Big League Cards & Figure Box

Super7 has recently released a new collaboration with Topps to feature some of their SuperSports MLB figures in special boxes of the card company's 2020 Big League product. Each special box will come with five packs of cards from the product, along with one of five Super7 MLB figures: Aaron Judge, Cody Bellinger, Jose Altuve, Buster Posey, or Clayton Kershaw. All five also have variant card backs and such, to make us pull our hair out even more. The Super7 MLB figures are done in their ReAction style, standing 3.75 inches and featuring five points of articulation and an accessory with most. A classic card back houses the figure in these special releases designed to look like a Topps baseball card. We got our hands on one, so let's take a look at the first collaboration between Topps and Super7.

Unboxing Super7/Topps 2020 Big League Cards

The packaging was my number one concern here. Cards usually just come in an outer box where the packs fill the entirety of it, but a figure card back can get damaged very easily in one of those. Happily, they solved that by smartly placing the card packs next to the figure bubble, with a styrofoam piece protecting the rest of the card back. There is no mystery as to which figure you get when you fling the box itself open, but that's ok. They did a good enough job protecting the figure itself that it doesn't bother me.

Usually, I rip open my reAction figures as soon as I get them, but this is just too sharp to open, and what a great idea to design these after a baseball card. In this box, I got Cody Bellinger, a star for the Dodgers. He comes with a bat to hols and is dressed in their road grey uniform. The card back picture is huge, and the classic Topps card border makes this look really classy. Super7 added a fun SuperSports logo on the front and a figure checklist on the back. Just perfection.

As far as the cards themselves, this is a great set for kids and adults. This is not a high-end product with a ton of hits like autos and relic cards. Instead, the focus is just getting some cool looking cards into collector's hands. I nabbed excellent examples of a lot of the stars of the game right now, including some card border variations and inserts. They have great photography on these as well. The cards are more matte than glossy for this product as well, with a thicker overall card making them durable.

Everything about this is excellent. As both a card collector and figure collector myself, smashing those two worlds together is a genius idea. Hopefully, Super7 and Topps can continue this collaboration going forward for a long time to come, as there are many players I want figures of. You can order a box of these for yourself right here.

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