TMNT Cartoon Ultimate Foot Soldier From NECA Is A Must Own

Now showing up in stores, the newest addition to the NECA TMNT cartoon line is a familiar figure. The Foot Soldier has been released a couple of times already in a two-pack, as well as damaged versions. So when they announced that they were doing a single-pack Ultimate version, I kind of just shrugged it off and was not planning on getting it. As fate would have it, that would have been a foolish decision. NECA was kind enough to send one over to us to review and damn them if they didn't make me want to figure out how to get a couple more.

One Of The Best NECA TMNT Releases So Far

I will always champion the Ultimate package from NECA, and this is one of the best. I love that the TMNT Ultimate releases come in these old VHS style boxes, that is such a nice touch that they don't have to do, but it adds that one special little touch for MOC collectors. Also: there is SO MUCH packed into this box. I love that they had to include two figure trays to hold it all. There is so much value for your dollar here; it is astounding they kept the cost down on this.

While we have gotten this figure in the TMNT line before, this is a much-improved figure. There are a couple of new articulation points that are different, namely the ankles having a forward-facing rocker to improve stability. Gae-changer. The hips are also a touch different, now on a cup and ball to prevent damage to the hips, we have seen with other figures in this line. He is awesome to pose, and boy, are there a lot of options. He comes packed with so many weapons that the possibilities are endless, and you can arm up the rest of your existing army of Foot Soldiers as well.

My favorite part is the head swaps included. Alpha One is one of those weird variations that most people won't remember, but I loved it when I was a kid. I never thought I would have this on a figure; it is sculpted beautifully. All of the swappable parts from the new trigger finger hands to all three heads are easy to swap, and NECA should be commended to listening to fans about this. Some f the TMNT figures have been downright impossible to swap, and they have corrected that, and it is awesome. I love that there is a yellow Foot symbol head as well, though swapping with earlier Foot Soldiers is going to be a process.

TMNT Cartoon Ultimate Foot Soldier From NECA Is A Must Own
NECA Ultimate Foot Soldier

Yeah, instead of that, I am just going to get a few more of these. This new Ultimate TMNT Foot Soldier is one of the best releases in this line so far and is a great army-building figure. These are starting to pop up in Target stores right now and will be a popular release. Start checking those shelves.

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