Topps Reveals Limited DC Comics Shazam and Black Adam Mego Figures is kicking off greatness as they announce that the site will be receiving exclusive Megs figures. Starting August 16th, iconic heroes, villains, and icons throughout the generations are back and better than ever with the new 8 and 14inch figures. Topps will be covering some iconic genres with comics, horror, pop culture, sci-fi, Universal Monsters, cartoons, and so much more. New Mega figures will drop every Monday, and each set of figures will only be available for that week and will vanish when the new ones arrive. Topps started off the event with a trip to DC Comics with the retro of the Gods of Thunder, Shazam, and Black Adam. Standing 8" tall, both figures feature comic book accurate detail with a metallic shine to their gauntlets, belt, and thunderbolt symbol. Both DC Comics Shazam and Black Adam 8" figures are priced at $19.99, can be purchased here, and are only up until August 23, 2021.

"With the power of a mystical thunderbolt Shazam strikes his way back into the Megoverse! Mego proudly presents The World's Greatest Mego Heroes 8" Shazam action figure! A boy is chosen by an ancient Wizard to be the champion of good. Billy Batson, by speaking the magic word "SHAZAM!" transforms himself into the World's Mightiest Mortal – possessing the power of the six ancient heroes – Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury! Mego, studying the ancient texts from The Rock of Eternity, is supercharging its classic style to bring you the all-new 8" Shazam action figure! Shazam comes with comic book accurate detail and sculpting! Can the Big Red Cheese defeat the Monster Society of Evil?? You decide – SHAZAM!"

"With his mighty powers Black Adam will be conquering the Megoverse for the very first time! Mego is beyond excited to present The World's Greatest Mego Villains Black Adam action figure! When he speaks the magic word of "SHAZAM" he is transformed into the Mighty Adam! "Feel the strength of the gods!" Corrupted by his newly found power, the Mighty Adam is banished from Earth. The mighty Wizard renames his wayward champion – "BLACK ADAM!"! Black Adam has returned! Can he defeat the Mighty Shazam and rule the Earth once more?? Now you can play out this epic battle with the all-new 8" Black Adam action figure! Black Adam comes with comic book accurate detail and sculpting! "No hero can best me … I will crush you."

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