Transformers Optimus Prime and Megatron Get Sexy with Kotobukiya

With the cancelation of the 2022 New York Toy Fair, many companies are continuing the tradition of online previews. While Toy Fair was mainly for future company sales, it did give collects a taste of what is coming in the upcoming year. Kotobukiya has taken to the internet with a lot of concept designs for their next statues and collectible shading our way, including some new Bishoujo statues. One of their more popular statues lines is the Bishoujo collection with comic books characters, horror, movie, television, and even redesigned concepts with a new "beautiful girl" design. Some of the biggest statues to drop in the line are the gender-swapped statues, and we have seen quite a bit from the world for horror with Beetlejuice, Leatherface, Michael Myers, and even Jason Voorhees. Even Hasbro's My Little Pony has entered the Bishoujo line-up with humanized versions of the iconic ponies, which have received a massive assortment of releases. However, that is not the only Hasbro line getting a sexy new upgrade as Transformers is coming to Bishoujo with two legendary leaders!

"Optimus Prime and Megatron is joining Kotobukiya's Transformers BISHOUJO lineup! Let's roll!"

Optimus Prime and Megatron are back and are getting a sexy gender-swapped upgrade with the mind of Kotobukiya behind the wheel. Both Leader of the Autobots and Leader of the Decepticons are designed as humans and take characteristics from their bot form. Optimus Prime is loaded with color and is shown with an incredible original Transformers design that changes up what you knew about the hero. On the other hand, Megatron is still up to no good with her holding the Decepticons rocket launcher. Kotobukiya did a great job adding a unique flavor of originality to the Transformers world that has been here for decades. Pre-orders, prices, and release date are not known just yet, but collectors can find all of Kotobukiya Bishoujo collectibles here.

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