Unboxing The WWE Fiend Collector's Edition Box

WWE fans have been captivated for the last year by The Fiend; an alter ego of sort of Bray Wyatt. After being off TV for months, Wyatt reappeared on RAW as a host of a deranged children's show called Firefly Funhouse, complete with hand puppets and everything. It was truly bizarre, but the real reason for it soon came to light, as he begged viewers to "Let Me In." Who we were supposed to let in is The Fiend, a masked and violent version of Wyatt that instantly became a hit with WWE fans. In the last couple of months, WWE Shop has introduced collector's boxes of the Firefly Funhouse characters and skits, all culminating in the final box, centered around The Fiend. We got one delivered to our doorstep today, so let's take a look inside.

WWE The Fiend Collector's Box Opening

The box itself features some cool Fiend key art, playing further into the sinister nature of the character. Once you open the box and remove the contents, the following message greets you: "If you're feeling lonely today, come along and throw your cares away. We're really glad that you're our friend, and this is a friendship that will never, ever end." That last part is the theme of the Firefly Funhouse. Excellent stuff and the presentation is already fantastic.

As far as the contents of the box, you get a cheap drawstring bag that others may care about; I do not use them. The shirt is ok, the design is interesting. There are better Fiend shirts available than this one, but it's ok. There is also a lenticular that changes from Bray to The Fiend when you tilt it. Again, not something I need, but as a throw-in, it's not bad.

Let Him In

So far, this box is ok, but at $49.99, not sure it was really worth it. Wyatt is a genius when it comes to reinventing himself, and the transformation to this character has been astonishing and a joy to watch. I love the design on his mask, which was created by horror effects icon Tom Savini. I have become utterly obsessed with it, and while bags and such don't interest me, I will take anything I can get with Fiend on it right now.

Now for the pieces, I did want in this box. This coin is double-sided and features Wyatt on the silver side, and The Fiend on the other in a really nice bronze wash. There is also some heft to it. I was not expecting this to be this heavy: excellent design and a nice piece for the collection. A very cool 8X10 signed photo is also included, featuring Fiend holding his gnarly Wyatt head lantern he carries to the ring.

WWE Shop sold The Fiend collector's box a couple weeks ago.
WWE Shop sold The Fiend collector's box a couple of weeks ago.

The main reason I wanted this was for these two vinyl figures. Each box has contained different Firefly Funhouse characters, and this final box finally contains Wyatt and Fiend. These are very similar to Pro Wrestling Tees Micro Brawlers, and figural keychains that are all the rage right now. The only thing that keeps these from being perfect is that the "Hurt" and "Heal" is missing from Fiend's gloves. That is a detail that should have been included.

WWE Shop sold The Fiend collector's box a couple weeks ago.
WWE Shop sold The Fiend collector's box a couple of weeks ago.

Is it worth the $50 in the end? Yes, it is, and I freely say that after criticizing the box. An autograph, two figures, a shirt, and some other collector's pieces for that much? That is a no-brainer. The shirt alone would usually cost around $27, and autos can run starting at $20. For all that, fans of The Fiend should have jumped at this. It sold out extremely fast, so your only option now is the secondary market.

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