Waxwork Records Has Three More Awesome Spinatures Out Now

Waxwork Records is impressing with their foray into the collectibles market with the new Spinatures line of figures. There have been a few released already and so many more teased; this line of collectible figures is going to be around for a long time. That is okay with us horror fans; we don't need an excuse to spend money ever. Made to sit on top of your vinyl while playing on a turntable, these figures are for anyone who not only plays records, but as we will see from the Spinatures figures, they were kind enough to send over for us to look at; these are great for horror fans as well.

Waxwork Records Has Really Tapped Into Something Here

First off, this packaging is fantastic. I will keep mentioning it every time we look at these. Coming in a nice square box, if you never wanted to open this, you would be forgiven. The figure is nicely posed in the box, behind a window box that shows off the figure in a spectacular way. The box art could not be more perfect, and there are great little touches that will warm the Monster Kid hearts. This Spinatures package was made with collectors in mind by Waxwork Records, that is for sure. I also love how these would stack, so like a Funko Pop, you can build the collection up and make better use of the real estate you have to work with. They really spent time thinking about every type of collector with the box, and it shows.

When you take these out of the package, you are struck by how perfect the sculpts are. As a huge Halloween fan, this Myers figure is damn near perfect. Even if you do not spin vinyl, these are awesome little busts for your collection. This one will fit right into my Michael Myers shelf in my collection. I love the bullet holes in the back especially; nice attention to detail there for this Halloween 2 inspired figure. Halloween 3 trick or treater as well; that skull is ridiculous. But the standout is the politician from They Live. Just awesome detail work on his skin blotches, and the blue they used for his skin is spot on.

This line has been the most pleasant surprise of the last few months for us horror fans, and hopefully, it continues for years to come. You can order these, previous releases, and even look at what is to come from Waxwork Records and their amazing Spinatures line right here.

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