We Need More Classic DC Comics McFarlane Releases like Jay Garrick

McFarlane Toys is returning to the golden age of DC Comics as they tease another new figure. It looks like Jay Garrick is racing on in next as he is joining the DC Multiverse in his classic outfit. It was not long ago when McFarlane Toys unveiled its Speed Metal line. That wave consisted of Wallace West, Wally West, Barry Allen, and Jay Garrick. However, they were all sprig their metal outfits from the DC Comics Dark Nights: Death Metal story arc. It was only a matter of time before we received a classic version of an iconic and old-school Flash.

Jay Garrick is back in his Golden Age outfit, including his metal helmet, making him a necessary addition to any Justice Society of America collection. It is nice that McFarlane Toys is going back and giving some of these "modern" releases a classic update. The DC Multiverse line started out with modern DC Comics renditions, and I absolutely love that. Getting Dark Nights: Metal figures have been incredible, as well as new DC Comics introductions like Ghost-Maker. However, I think the DC Multiverse line has hit a point where they can really benefit by dishing out more of these classic DC Comics figures. 

We have started to see plenty arrive as well, like a yellow-suited Wally West ( here), Justice League Martian the Manhunter, and even a classic Tim Drake Robin. Hopefully, more of these classic designs are on the way, even if they are just updated variants of previous releases. I still think McFarlane Toys is dominating the DC Comics collectibles market, and not just because they are the only ones dishing out action figures. It is nice to see figures for newer designs of characters mere months after their stories in the current DC Comics run. Until pre-orders arrive for Jay Garrick, fans can find all things DC Multiverse right here in the meantime.

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