ZOIDS Takes the Stage with Full Wave of Reveals from Hasbro

Zoids are back and Hasbro is getting them full set of reveals. The line received a full panel at Hasbro Pulse Con with 9 reveals! Each Mega Battlers figure comes with a special battle mat that will have fans show off them heading toe to toe. Each Zoids figure comes with an attachable human rider which will vary between each Zoid. There are a total of 3 different sets of figures each goes up with the amount of piece to build. Starting us off first four smaller packs that are roughly 25-35 pieces. The Zoids in this wave is the Beetle Pincers, Scorpion Needle, the Spider Phobia, and finally, the dinosaur Raperrix. Each of these figures is priced at $9.99 and set to release in February 2021. We then get a $10 increase with the next set of Zoids starting with the Mega Battlers Turtle named Tanks. There is also another dino bot with a red T-Rex named Ruin. These $19.99 packs vary between 45 – 53 pieces and are also set to join the team with a 2021 release. The Zoids reveal ends with the three bigger $29.99 reveals that have 55 – 65 pieces. The Triceratops bot Tryke kicks it off first, with the wolf Alpha Shadow behind, and lastly the Lion bot known as Liger.

Each of these figures is packed with detail and will be a blast building. Just like the older series they will all have included motorized attacks. Each attack and movement will vary her Zoids bot but will bring some new character to each figure. Collectors and fans of the Zoids series can find all of the figures up for pre-order here. They are all set to release in February 2021 so get your orders in while you can.

"In the Zoids Wild animated series, Zoids beasts are massive mechanical creatures that resemble animals we know today. While many roam free, others have been captured by the evil Dark Metal Empire who hack their systems and force them to be their weapons. The heroic Team Freedom has banded together with Zoids partners to fight the Dark Metal threat. Zoids figures are building toys that battle! The toy's motion automatically unleashes a motorized battle move called a Wild Blast! Some figures move, like Ligers King Claw Wild Blast when activated! Some include a battle mat where Battlers figures can face-off in epic battles! (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.) Each figure comes with an attachable human partner figure that varies with each ZOID.

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