'Blowing The Transformers Universe Wide Open' – Combiner Wars Is An Epic Event From IDW This March

Cue Transformers theme song…great news for fans of these epic bots! From IDW Publishing, this March will bring one of the biggest Transformers publishing events as Cybertron becomes the battleground for the Combiner Wars! The creative team will bring new dangers to this battle royale. It all begins with Transformers #39. The war will begin with the debut issue of Windblade from Mairghread Scott and Sarah Stone. The story will focus on Cybertron's leader, Starscreams, stand against Optimus Prime. An unstoppable army of Combiners will threaten Windblade's long-lost homeworld.

Windblade writer Mairghread Scott spoke about the series by saying,

We're blowing the Transformers universe wide open with this series: showcasing new characters and new worlds in a battle with some of the biggest 'bots you've ever seen. Anyone who thinks they know what to expect from a Transformers event will have to think again.

John Barber's epic arc for the ongoing Transformers series will welcome artist Livio Ramondelli. For the first time ever in IDW Comics, The arms race of Combiners will bring fan-favorite Transformers characters to the pages, and will introduce a new Combiner that is said to be guaranteed to melt the internet.

Barber said,

"From day one of this series we've been seeding the mystery and power of Combiners-multiple Cybertronians who form together into bigger, more powerful wholes. Starscream realizes he needs one of his own to protect Cybertron…but why stop at one Combiner-or one world?"

It certainly sounds like this is going to be a memorable event for IDW Publishing. It's common knowledge that the fan-base of Transformers is quite large, and it looks like Hasbro will use this to their advantage as well. The epic Combiner Wars event will be an integral part of Hasbro's 2015 Transformers: Generations Combiner Wars toy line. So you can buy some great comics and some cool toys to go with them.

There's a bonus for retailers: If you order 250 copies of Transformers #39 and Transformers Windblade #1, you'll get two special covers by Travis Sengaus showcasing your store being protected by Superion (on Transformers #39) and destroyed by Devastator (Transformers Windblade #1), which combine into one image.



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