Could Some I Hate Fairyland Spinoff Books Be In Our Future?

Earlier today Skottie Young tweeted about wanting to expand the I Hate Fairyland universe. It was an Image Comics fan dream come true to see the tweet, because it was followed up by a response by Wayward writer Jim Zub. 

But back to I Hate Fairyland, I suppose Queen Cloudia could be an obvious character to spin off with, but I would be much more interested in a comic about Larry. He's such a funny character, and he's almost as amusing and flawed as Gertrude.

So to answer your question Skottie Young, no it's not bad at all. I think that I Hate Fairyland is one of the most unique, entertaining comics on shelves today and I'll take more of it in whatever form I can get. I can only imagine how much world building went into the comic, so you might as well use it all!

Now obviously this might just be a random tweet that won't result in spinoff comics, but the news below looks like something more concrete. We'll be able to buy some I Hate Fairyland pages soon.


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