Iron Fist #5 Review: A Masterpiece Of A Kung Fu Comic

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Iron Fist comic

After surviving two more challengers, Iron Fist and the Rabbit of Holy Flame confront the high council of Liu-Shi on the murder of Hark. The two tell them that it was Choshin instead of Danny. However, the Wolf cares little of this affair and only wants to finally challenge the Iron Fist in one-on-one combat. So they do, but can the Iron Fist bring down the Wolf?

Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins' Iron Fist comic quickly rose to the top of Marvel's offerings. It is an incredible book, and this trend continues with the explosive finale to The Trial of the Seven Masters.

This issue is a knockdown drag-out fight between Iron Fist and the Wolf, who [spoiler] turns out to be from K'un Lun himself, being the One from the Trial of the One of the initiation of the Iron Fist in the fabled city. He was around before the robot which Danny faced during his own trials, but he was exiled by Yu-Ti when Orson Randall became the previous Iron Fist.

This is a cool addition to the Iron Fist lore, especially given that one could expect that the One could not have been a robot since the beginning of K'un Lun.

Iron Fist #5 Review: A Masterpiece Of A Kung Fu Comic

The fight sequences in this are sublime, with Mike Perkins and colorist Andy Troy working in perfect sync to make a freaking gorgeous comic. The fighting just looks plain awesome. The entire comic is a visual masterpiece.

That said, the upcoming promised return to K'un Lun still leaves me a little cautious. Iron Fist seems to return here every time a new comic title is given to him, and it is my hope that Brisson brings something new to the table to keep the story fresh.

Bringing in Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu, certainly helps a lot.

I cannot recommend this comic enough. It is a Kung Fu, kitchen sink masterpiece of a comic. The fighting is incredible, the art is damn near perfect, and the story is interesting but remains simple enough to accommodate the martial arts action. Pick this one up immediately.

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