NYCC '15: Avengers Standoff Announced At Iron Man / Avengers Panel

By Joe Glass Photos by Derek Trum

So here we are preparing for Marvel's big panel, which actually came after a cosplaying panel where the entire table of panellists were all cosplaying as Marvel characters (and in really good cosplays too).

20151009_134349_resizedTom Brevoort is on modertor duties, who was confused for George R R Martin by the guy next to me, and introduced a huge panel including Nick Spencer, Gerry Duggan, Marguerite Bennett, Al Ewing, Frank Tieri, Greg Pak, and Josh Williamson.

Brevoort invited someone from the room to read Invincible Iron Man now and report back at the end of the panel to try and convince anyone who hasn't tried it out to maybe pick it up.

Coming out this Wednesday we have Sam Wilson: Captain America, and Brevoort again invites someone to come up and read an advance copy. Spencer says we'll see a Captain America who is struggling with public opinion, and a new sidekick is coming for Sam Wilson.

Also coming is Astonishing Ant-Man, with the character still in Miami, coming back after 8 months after Scott's big decisions at the end of the Last Days issue.

Black Widow is up next, Brevoort promises we are going to enjoy it.

Totally Awesome Hulk is up next, which Pak runs through the premise again. Amadeus Cho is determined to be the best Hulk there ever was, but will be making tons of trouble all over the Marvel Universe.

Angela: Queen of Hel is next, with the recently revealed preview art shown, and Angela going against the tennets she was raised with to rescue Sera from Hel.

Uncanny Avengers is next, with Brevoort again getting someone to read it and feedback, with the cover for issue 4 shown with Rogue and Deadpool performing the famous Fastball Special. Duggan says he's picking up on what Rick Remender started, and how there's a great need for unity in the MU, not just between humans and mutants but also Inhumans, but they also have a secret mission that will play out over the first couple issues that he doesn't want to reveal anything of.

Brevoort talks about online dismay at lack of mutants in the book, promises X-fans will be angry after issue 3 and really angry by issue 5, but you'll also love it.

Deadpool is next, and the 8 month gap sees Deadpool in a very different place, now one of the most visible heroes of the MU. He promises surprises with the cast of the series that fans will not expect.

Black Knight is up now, with Tieri declaring they finally let him do it. Says the tagline is Breaking Blade – Breaking Bad meets Game of Thrones. Black Knight thinks it needs to be him to wield the Ebony Blade, so it's a necessary addiction. The Uncanny Avengers will be coming after him.

Brevoort goes onto the upcoming New Avengers, and again gives out a copy for review, Ewing talks about Roberto DeCosta making AIM into a global rescue force, like Thunderbirds and U.N.C.L.E.

Ultimates is up, Ewing says Earth is quite vulnerable now, so they need a team to deal with enormous cosmic epic events and this is that team.

The Iron Man reader comes up and says the art is gorgeous, declares it a well paced first issue, and says the Tony Stark voice feels like the one we know now. The reader was a Maria Hill cosplayer.

All New All Different Avengers is up next, and revealed the cover to issue 4 which had Sam Wilson and Jane Foster Thor kissing.

An Avengers fmaily event is coming called Stand Off in March, from Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz, setin a little town called Pleasant Hill, an idyllic community with deep dark secrets the Avengers will find themselves in the middle of, all to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Captain America. Bevoort is excited to have an Avengers event which is not getting so big it becomes a whole MU event.

The reviewers came back to let us know that Cap and New Avengers were good too.

Brevoort says, in answer to a question, that naturally the films and TVs do have an influence on the comics, just as the comics have a massive influence on the other media. But it's natural to hear Robert Downey Jr's voice when you read/write Iron Man now. But Spencer does say that though people may notice things align, it is not necessarily the case that it is because of a remit from Marvel Studios.

Oh, I'm wrong, only now the New Avengers reviewer comes up…and it's not negative, but he does not seemed wowed by it. He does say the art is amazing, it is an interesting set up, and he says it is well put together.

Ewing confirms that the Triskelion will be in the Ultimates series, looks like it used to but is now a threeway building housing Wakandan embassy, the earth base for Alpha Flight, Carol Danvers' space force, and the third section housing the Ultimates.

Brevoort says the new Marvel Universe isn't the old MU with a few tweaks, this is a new universe.

Fan asks about Civil War 2, to which Brevoort replies 'What?!'.

For those characters whose mantles have passed on to new characters (Hulk, Thor, Captain America etc), all those characters are still going in trajectories, they aren't abandoned.

Someone who still loves the Peter/MJ relationship had concerns about her turning up in Iron Man, but Brevoort assured if you liked how Brian Bendis handled MJ in Ultimate Spider-Man, you will like what's coming. Asked about a MJ spin-off book, Brevoort just says we'll have to wait and see.

There is more Gambit in the future from someone on this panel.

Brevoort does correct a fan that they do not view Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel or Nova as 'junior Avengers'…they are Avengers. They're just chronologically younger. Nova has a new series starting and Brevoort says Sam's father is back from space, who is also still a Nova, a kind of strange new father and son relationship.

Will we see any major world building/changing things coming that will be female driven? Brevoort says the answer is yes, and points out they have a huge number of female led books. As a result they would naturally be the center of such things, but admits he can't specify anything just now.

Brevoort assures that Secret Wars is unspoilable, despite All New All Different Marvel launching before it ended. Bennet does point out that Angela is in Hel and it's their own sandbox to play in, and Duggan points out that Rogue is the leader of the Uncanny Avengers.

Duggan feels they've now beat the stigma of comics as not proper literature, Ewing says the medium is perfectly accepted these days, and so too the genre.

Someone asks why does Marvel hate marriage, which Brevoort disagrees with. In terms to Kitty and Star-Lord, he promised Kitty is a big part of Guardians of the Galaxy and still involved with Peter Quill.

Joe Glass is a Bleeding Cool reporter and comics creator, creating LGBTQ superhero team comic, The Pride, which is available here and on Comixology. He also co-writes on Welsh horror comedy, Stiffs, available here and on Comixology.

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