Batgirl #40: A Powerful Moment Of Clarity Means Growth For Babs And Readers

GalleryComics_1920x1080_20150311_BG40cover-copy_54da732cec5cb8.22178515We've reached the end of the New Era Batgirl first arc, and boy has it been quite the ride. Batgirl #40, From DC Comics, written by Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart, with art by Babs Tarr is a chaotic, action-packed issue that answers a lot of the questions and concerns fans of the series have had over the past few months. Now that Barbara has to deal with a past version of herself, and save the people of Gotham, she is also given the task of facing her inner demons. At the beginning of the issue we get a nice brief summary of events that have happened thus far from the eyes of the cryptic computer. From there, the battle begins.

[*Mild Spoilers for Batgirl #40 below!]

Mid-issue a powerful moment of clarity washes over Barbara. She's been stuck in this mode of remembering what her past was, how to adjust to her present, and how to prepare for her future. So when faced with the statement, "Batgirl should be feared," it doesn't take long for Babs to realize that's not how she feels anymore. She replies, "I used to think that way. But for the first time in a long while, I know who I am." The adjustment period is over. The doubt is over. Her confidence has arrived, and Babs Tarr illustrates that feeling exquisitely in that moment.

timthumb-1We've watched Batgirl transform over the past six issues into a different version than the one we were used to. Despite the controversy that came with some of those changes, a lot of positivity has come from this book. I'm not too proud to admit that when I first read issue #35, I was not happy. However, I felt so connected to Batgirl's character, and I was curious about the direction the creative team was taking her in. After all, it wouldn't have been fair to give up on the book after reading one issue. As the issues progressed, I became more open minded to Burnside, Babs, and the fresh ideas/challenges she was facing. It became clear to me that Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr were three insanely talented individuals that were doing something brave and admirable.

timthumbOver the course of six issues, Batgirl has grown and changed in so many different ways, and guess what? So have the readers. Together we have all evolved and grown to appreciate this powerful strong character. If you felt discouraged at any point and happened to give up on the series, I encourage you to pick it back up again. Batgirl #40 ties up all loose ends and sets us up for an exciting future that makes me feel more enthusiastic than ever. I can't wait to continue reading Batgirl and I look forward to adding Black Canary to my pull list as well.

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