The Outtakes Of Lynch Vs. Gronk Mortal Kombat Game Show Beast Mode Can Really Talk


Marshawn Lynch is notorious for being media shy. He basically turned up to the SuperBowl press week to say he was only there so he wouldn't be fined. I've done a few interviews like that. They aren't fun.

It turns out you put Mortal Kombat X in front of him though, he's louder than anyone else in the room. I shared the full video of Marshawn Lynch playing Rob Gronkowski the game on Conan at the end of last week. Well, Here is a little more for you and it's all Lynch. Trash talk, simple observations, consoling Conan and more Mario Kart gushing.

I really like video game playing Beast Mode.

They should really have given him a copy at the end of last night's game. Maybe he would have been loud enough to give the ball in that last play.