Scott Lobdell Writes The Rudest Joke In Today's DC Comics. And That Includes Section Eight.

In today's All-Star Section Eight, from DC Comics, we see Bueno Excellente fighting a sentient knighted tapeworm for the honour of being the suitor of team member Guts, through an unnamed battle of perversion. And that Kyle Raynor needed therapy after his encounter with said member.


But you kind of expect this from Section Eight, and despite what you clearly know must be happening, it doesn't go further than heavily suggest it. Everything stays off panel – aside from the sound effects.

While in Red Hood And Arsenal today, the team are put out for hire. If you have a problem, who you gonna call? Red Hood and Arsenal, part of Rent-A-Bat, two young men available for rent. And what number are you going to call?


Just in case you didn't know, "arse" is the slightly ruder UK version of "ass".


And a red arse is, well, something you might experience after an encounter with Bueno Excellente…


Any chance of a crossover?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, with a Jay Faeber signing today, and a Doctor Who signing all day on Saturday – like a mini-Doctor Who convention.



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