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A Business Proposal: Tapas Digital Comic is Latest Netflix K-Drama
Since first released, the popular webnovel and webtoon have garnered over 450 million views in Korea and other global markets as of February 2022 and are exclusively available on Tapas in the US Now adapted for TV, the show features top Korean stars Hyoseop Ahn and Sejung Kim A Business Proposal live-action series will air two[...]
Does Webtoon Show that Korean Comics are Obsessed with Revenge?
Between WEBTOON and Tapas as apps on people's phones, manhwa is reaching tens of millions of readers worldwide, far more than manga or DC and Marvel comics When you read enough of a particular country's stories and pop culture, you start to see the themes the culture is more obsessed with In Korean comics, the[...]
Emma Kubert Launches New Comic, Brush Stroke, From Tapas
And now she has a new comic book series Brush Stroke, being published digitally through Tapas Media in a vertical reading format. Emma Kubert Launches New Comic, Brush Stroke, From Tapas A semi-autobiographical story about a 21-year-old college art student mei parker, who finds her life change when her father falls into debt and her dream of[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Webtoon Comic Creators – Amateur Or Professional?
Rob Salkowitz, author of Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture, wrote an article for comic book retailer site ICV2 last week on webtoon comic creation, looking at comic book industry moves into digital and specifically mobile digital in the comic book industry, including DC's deal with Webtoon and Tapas' hiring former DC Comics editorial[...]
Tapas Bought For Half A Billion Dollars, Launch DC Comics Webtoons
Korean online giant Kakao Entertainment has signed definitive agreements to acquire two American storytelling platforms, Tapas Media, Inc and Radish Media, Inc The acquisitions are intended to pave the way for Kakao Entertainment to expand its original content business in North America and other English-speaking regions. Tapas is known for its mobile comic book content and[...]
Bleeding Cool's Comic Book and Graphic Novel JobWatch
 You can check out four previous editions here, here, here and here to catch up.  Bleeding Cool's Comics and Graphic Novel JobWatch – May 2021 Editor in Chief Tapas Media  Los Angeles, CA We're seeking to hire an Editor in Chief for our Los Angeles office, who will be responsible for setting Tapas's editorial scope and direction, and leading the[...]
Navillera: The Webcomic that Inspired the Netflix Series is on Tapas
The webcomic serial is now available on Tapas This one is a weepie about a 70-year-old retired postman who decides to pursue his life-long dream: ballet. "Navillera" – Tapas, Netflix As the official synopsis for Navillera goes: "After the funeral of an old friend, Dukchul Shim resolves to pursue something he had always wanted to try: ballet[...]
Tapas Launches 5 New Fantasy Action Comics Series
TurtleMe is the pen name of a former Berkeley graduate who discarded his identity as a corporate worker when he found success as a fantasy author at Tapas Studios As a web serial author for over three years, TurtleMe mixed traditional literature with fast-paced installments into his novel The Beginning After the End, an epic[...]
Former DC EIC Michele R Wells Joins Tapas Media In Executive Role
DC Comics never made any official statement. Today, Variety got the released PR that Michele R Wells has joined digital comics publisher Tapas Media in the newly created role of chief content officer And that Wells will oversee Tapas' development slate of all-new, original IP for both webcomics and novels, and shape the creative vision for[...]
Bleeding Cool's Comic Book and Graphic Novel JobWatch
We pack, ship, research,list, buy sell and trade all things collectible with a primary focus on comic books. Comic Store Employee Heroes In Action, Bridgeport, CT If you live in CT and are a comic book or pop culture aficionado, and have excellent computer skills including Excel, plus website management experience, give us a shout at heroesinactionUSA@gmail.com Production Manager Tapas[...]
Scholastic To Publish Transgender Tabas Webcomic, Magical Boy
Magical Boy is a Tapas Studios Original webcomic by comic creator The Kao, the pen name of Vincent Kao, who also created the web series Mondo Mango Tapas Media is a Korea-based, creator-driven digital channel featuring short-form storytelling, and has already distributed 30 episodes of the webcomic, which Scholastic will now adapt into a graphic[...]
Tapas Launches Tapastry, the Tapas Creator Community
Tapas, the leading digital publishing platform of webcomics and novels, has launched Tapastry,  the community side of the platform for all creators to share their stories and find their audience The Tapas creator community contributed to the naming pool and ultimately decided on 'Tapastry.' Tapas creators Sera Swati and Miqin originally submitted the name. Tapastry banner, courtesy of Tapas Just[...]
Tapas Launches 5 New Fantasy Action Comics Series
Tapas is kicking off the new year with the launch of five new Action Fantasy series The prologues of the four series dropped The series is 'Wait for Free' with new episodes available each week for free in the library tab of the app, or readers can unlock episodes using Ink. Tapas Fantasy Action Comics key[...]
Tapas Announces Annual Inksgiving Event for November
Digital comics publishing platform Tapas, the home of diverse online comics as Sarah's Scribbles, Fangs, Ghostblade, and Silent Horror, announced Inksgiving, a special event for Thanksgiving. Tapas Inksgiving, key art from Tapas In November, Tapas will celebrate the beginning of the holiday season with their 3rd annual Tapas Presents Inksgiving event beginning Friday, November 20th at 3 pm[...]
The Resistance Reborn: AWA’s Upshot Studios Announces Spinoff Series
Smith (Archangel 8). Panel from The Resistance: Reborns, AWA Studios/UPSHOT "The great thing about having the privilege of writing The Resistance," Straczynski said,"Is that I get to go way deep into the characters, the history of all this, the politics, how the powers work…and for a world-builder, there's not much better than that.  (Except chocolate.)  So, when[...]