The Back Order List 9/2/2020: 2nd Prints, Small Press, & Manga

Some Strong Boom with Secret Seven #1 Back Again, & We Only Find Them When They're Dead #1

Boom joins the Back Order List again as Seven Secrets #1 Second Print Variant Cover gets on the list and Al Ewing brings his first creator owned title to Boom with We Only Find Them When They're Dead #1 having both covers gone.   However, unlike past weeks, Boom only gets three titles on the List, with only Buffy The Vampire Slayer #17 Covers B and C also on the Back Order List.

Image, Stable Numbers

The Back Order List mainstay, and this year usually the biggest company on the list, Image, seems to have gotten to the point where most of the titles are not getting on the Back Order List, just a steady six or so.  This week Inkblot #1 and Fire Power #3, already announced for second prints, go on the Back Order List along with: Bitter Root #10 Cover B, Monstress #30, Moonshine #20, Sex Criminals Sexual Gary Special #1 XXX Variant Cover, and Ice Cream Man #20 2nd Print Variant Cover.  Lots of good stuff from Image that is no longer available from Diamond.

Scout Comics Gets More Titles on the List Again

Scout Comics ends up on the list again with four titles. Like some other small press publishers, Scout Comics seems to print pretty close to the numbers ordered putting them very often on the Back Order List.  This week the four titles on the Back Order List were Second Print Variant Covers for both It Eats What Feeds It #1 and Murder Hobo Beaten Broke Buggered #1, and return visits with Skylin #4 and North Bend #5.

Source Point Press Gets On The List with 8 Books

The other small publisher with several titles on the Back Order List this week is Source Point Press, with 8 different books.  Another publisher that isn't printing much over initial orders, they have Backfired #2, Broken Gargoyles #1, Burning Tree One-Shot, Danger Devil #3, Hollow #2, Monstrous Witch Hunt #2, No Heroine #2, all on the Back Order List.  Along with the odd humor/adventure comic The Fuhrer and The Tramp #5 wrapping up with its last issue, again on the List.

Devil's Due On the List With New Launch

While going to Kickstarter as well, Devil's Due, with the new #1, has all four covers for Arkworld disappear from Diamond. We'll see where this leads as the first big new title for Devil's Due, and attention being given to the title.

2nd Prints, Variant Covers, #1's, and Miles Morales Gets Marvel the Most Titles on the List

As usual Marvel gets the most comics on the Back Order List, due to variants and second prints mostly this week.  Black Widow #1 has two variants on the list, with the J. Scott Campbell and the Charest Variant covers.

Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1 also gets two variant covers on the Back Order List.

Miles Morales Spider-Man #18 gets the Main Cover, the Variant Cover, and the special Birthday Variant Cover joining the List.

The second print for the hot Venom #27, and third print for Thor #5, both written by Donny Cates are on the List, with both going to further printings.

And finally the two regular books, Cable #4, leading to the Sword of X crossover, and Wolverine #5, with the Fortnite crossover moment, both on Back Order.

And the Publishers With One Book or Two Books

Again Dark Horse and IDW both go on the Back Order List with two books each.  Dark Horse has Spy Island #1, both covers A and B, disappearing on the List.

IDW had Star Trek Hell's Mirror #1 and Transformers '84 Secrets & Lies #3 Cover A go to Back Order.

Titan Comics also gets two comics on the Back Order List with Doctor Who Time Lord Victorious #1 Cover E and the Horizon Zero Dawn #2 FOC Variant Cover.

Then the soon to be on HBO Niobe has both covers for Niobe She is Death #4 from Stranger Comics go to Back Order as well.  A sign that Niobe comics are being snatched up.

Then several publishers got on the Back Order List with just one comic. Small press publishers Darby Pop Productions has the Lacey & Lily OGN, Lerner Publishing Group has Ever After GN, and Little Brown Book has Middle School Misadventures Volume 2 Hat Heist on the List. Random House Publishing, not a small publisher, has Narwhal & Jelly Volume 5 Happy Narwhalidays on Back Order, along with Super Genius Publishing with Vincent Book 3 How to Be Happy.

The Big Back Order This Week, Manga

Finally, as Diamond is back to full swing shipping titles, companies are back to almost full swing releasing, companies that were releasing to book stores and other distributors during the Diamond shut down have sent most of these books out already.  So what is left at Diamond of most Manga titles is nothing, as many titles from three different publishers go to Back Order.

Kodansha has three Manga volumes go to Back Order. Knight of the Ice Volume 3, Living Room Matsunaga San Volume 4, and Sailor Moon Eternal Edition Volume 9, all gone from Diamond.

Seven Seas Entertainment has one Manga volume go on the list with Viz Media having ten different Manga on the List. Seven Seas Entertainment has the Sarazanmai Novel Volume 1 on the List, with Viz bringing Daytime Shooting Star Volume 8, Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Volume 16, Dr. Stone Volume 13, Dragon Ball Super Volume 10, Haikyu Volume 40, Kaguya Sama Love is War Volume 16, Kakuriyo Bed & Breakfast For Spirits Volume 6, Love Me Love Me Not Volume 4, Skip Beat Volume 44, and Spy X Family Volume 2 to the Back Order List.

So if any of these "back order titles" are of interest to you, grab them if you want them because Diamond won't likely be sending any more copies of these books. It's possible if LCBS return copies of these books, but not likely, and not likely anytime soon.

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