X-Men: Blue #33 Review – The State of the Magneto Address [Edited]

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Magneto flees to the future to escape the retribution of the X-Men after his attack against Emma Frost, the White Queen. The future he finds his desolate and bears markings of his own actions, including a graveyard of individuals staked to the ground with rebar. After searching the wasteland, he finds an enclave of mutant survivors happy to see him. They laud him as a savior and that he is the reason they are alive.

X-Men: Blue #33 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo
X-Men: Blue #33 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo

Cullen Bunn seems to want to ride out this series like a Magneto book, and I am beyond happy to see that. I have many times and will now again praise his Magneto series to high heaven. It was absolutely fantastic.

We seem to be moving in the direction of returning Erik Lensherr to a more traditional villain role—more adversary than erstwhile ally. He goes to this future feeling remorseful for his actions, and it teaches him the opposite.

He also gets to let loose once, and he creates an awesome new costume.

The future X-Men on the cover don't actually show up until the final page, which is a bit of an ass pull. It doesn't bother me too much, as I'm happy to get as much Magneto storytelling as I can. That said, this book seems to be all-but abandoning its headlining team.

X-Men: Blue #33 art by Marcus To and Matt Milla
X-Men: Blue #33 art by Marcus To and Matt Milla

Marcus To provides excellent artwork to this comic. He captures the quiet rage and sorrow of Erik excellently, and, as I said already, the new costume looks amazing. The design on the future X-Men: Blue team looks great as well, as you can see from the cover. Matt Milla's color work is dark and moody, further solidifying the atmosphere of this book.

X-Men: Blue #33 is among my favorite issues of this book without a doubt. It takes a moment to breathe and show where Magneto's head is at now and where he may be headed. This one gets a recommendation. Give it a read.

Edit: A helpful correspondent let me know that this issue actually takes place before the fight between Magneto and the X-Men over Emma Frost's fate. I got that wrong. In my defense, I would point out that this comic doesn't make that clear, but it was a mistake on my part and I like to cop to those.

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