An Unboxing Review Of Studio71's Upcoming Game, Half Truth

We here at Bleeding Cool have a deep respect for game companies for getting through the COVID-19 pandemic while still releasing new games for public consumption. We recently had the wonderful opportunity to interview both Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield and Jeopardy Champion Ken Jennings about their part in the creation of game company Studio71's upcoming trivia game Half Truth. To our delight, Studio71 also sent us an advance copy of the game. We will provide a gameplay review in due time – perhaps as early as tomorrow! – but for now, we wish to provide our readers with an unboxing review of the game.

01 - Half Truth box front
The front of the box for Studio71's upcoming game, Half Truth. (Photo credit: Josh Nelson)

This game's components are heavy, altogether. There are many smaller, somewhat dense components to the game, but not so much that the game can be deemed unmanageable. Ken Jennings himself even mentioned to us in our interview with him that he appreciated the weighted feeling of the wooden components. We can't blame him – they feel really nice and heavy in our hands.

05 - Half Truth raised components
All of the non-card components of the new Studio71 game, Half Truth. (Photo credit: Josh Nelson)

One small gripe our author had was that the game comes with only one die for board movement (and yes, there's a board in these components!); because the die is vital for gameplay but unique to Half Truth, if it gets lost that could pose a problem. It would probably be better if there was at least one spare of those dice in particular, along with the rest of the components in the box.

06 - Half Truth card boxes
The many, many packs of cards in Studio71's game, Half Truth. (Photo credit: Josh Nelson)

We were very pleased to see that Studio71 sent us the Kickstarter-exclusive cards for this game alongside the rest of Half Truth's glut of cards. It is clear to us that no two games are likely to have the same set of questions, or perhaps even the same questions. The level of trivia devotion that Richard and Ken both possessed in making this game is truly something to marvel at!

We will provide a gameplay review as soon as we can. Until then, let us know if you're looking forward to playing Half Truth during self-isolation, in this time of social distancing. What are your thoughts on the look of the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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