Apocalypse Now The Game Moves To A New Home

Credit: American Zeotrope
Credit: American Zeotrope

Apocalypse Now the game has been quietly moving along in the crowdfunding phase and today Francis Ford Coppola's American Zeotrope and Erebus are moving the game to a new home for all future crowdfunding efforts.

The game is getting a unique crowdfunding platform to replace the previous Kickstarter page. When I'd last spoken to some of the folks behind the game's development, they had hinted that the team planned to add a whole ton of content into the adaptation so moving things to a new site makes some sense. It will be interesting to see how things transfer over from Kickstarter though. While there are some big names behind the adaptation, Kickstarter gave them a wide audience which will now narrow.

"We are making a unique interactive experience with the Apocalypse Now videogame — it's like Fallout: New Vegas on acid in Vietnam," said game director Montgomery Markland. "The Apocalypse Now team plans to raise $5 million to produce an authentic game that the people want to play."

Along with better communication between the devs and fans, the team plans to introduce more content to keep fans going while they wait on development. Per the press release, they have a "long-term plan for the community to guide and influence the progress of Apocalypse Now. The development team will be able to entertain and engage with fans, and provide continuous entertainment culminating in the videogame release."

All of the extra content they're planning to create has upped the price of the project from the previous campaign. While I'm all for intersectionality in my life, I wonder if perhaps this whole project has become just a bit too ambitious.

You can read about the original campaign here, and check out the game's new home here. The prototype footage is below:

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