"Call of Duty" League is Headed Online-Only Due to Coronavirus

"Call of Duty" League is Headed Online-Only Due to Coronavirus
Credit: Call of Duty League

What's next on the coronavirus tour when it comes to organizations opting to go online?

The Call of Duty League is the next on the list. The League has ultimately decided that having a large group of people congregating in one area with the outbreak looming large over everyone's heads ultimately isn't a good idea.

The League shared its decision in a tweet.

"The health and safety of employees, fans, players, teams, and partners is paramount to Activision Blizzard eSports," the tweet began. "After careful review and working in close collaboration with our teams, we are shifting all currently scheduled 2020 Call of Duty League live events to online-only competition, effective immediately."

Straight from the horse's mouth – it looks like all of the matches have now effectively gone to online modes, but that doesn't mean there won't be a reason to cheer for your favorite players and teams.

It's obviously a dangerous world out there right now with the virus floating around. Game companies and organizations have been taking as many measures as possible to make sure the spread of the disease is eventually contained. Here's to hoping this particular action ends up doing its part as well – and if you were scheduled to see any of the events live, you have just as much fun from the comfort of your home.

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