Crate Creatures Leap into Your Collections from MGA Entertainment

Crate Creatures recently came into our lives, and we were more than impressed with them. They are a total throwback to some of the toys I had when I was a kid, and MGA Entertainment really knocked these things out of the park.

As a Monster Kid, these are right in my wheelhouse. Each of the four Crate Creatures feature over 40 different monster grunts and things, accessories, a book, and come in what may be one of the coolest packagings in a while. To open it, you take the included "crowbar" and pop the lock off the front. Once you remove that, you use the same crowbar to open the crate, and the creature flies out from being spring-loaded inside. My daughter loved that. This is unboxing on another level — and yeah, sure, it says the name of the Creature on the crate, but it was still fun to see her face when that creature popped out.

Once you get the Crate Creature out, there is tons of more playability than I thought there would be. Tongues get pulled; they vibrate; they even record a few seconds of dialogue and say it back in a monster voice, which has led to much giggling and enjoyment around here. The quality of the Creatures is top notch as well — they hold up to the most strenuous of activities. We even dropped one in a puddle and not only did it still work, but it cleaned up really easily and good as new.

Create Creatures Surprise! Ages: 4+, MSRP: $39.99

Break into the crate to unbox your new BEAST friend, Crate Creatures Surprise! Use the crowbar to break your mystery creature out of their crate to unlock their special creature feature. Watch your Creature vibrate, scream and eyes glow when you pull his tongue. Feed him his favorite food to hear him chomp away and pull their tongues for monstrously fun sounds and gross noises. Record and yak back phrases with your Crate Creatures! Available at all major retailers

Available characters: Blizz, Sizzle, Snort Hog, Pudge


  • Each Creature comes with 45+ creature sounds
  • Food accessory
  • Crow bar
  • Lock/chains
  • Funny underwear
  • Creature booklet

Crate Creatures are available no. Check our YouTube channel this weekend for some unboxing videos of them!

You can order some of your own right here.

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