CryoFall Receives Major Single Player Update

Daedalic Entertainment and AtomicTorch Studio have released a new single player update into their sci-fi colony simulator title CryoFall. The big piece e of this patch (which is 1.31 if you're keeping track) focuses on the fact that players can now create their own local games to share with their friends. This means you no longer have to group together to start from scratch, you can have friends join up with you or play it on your own at your leisure. Or if you wish, you can leave the planet completely to finish the game. We have a snippet of the details below, but you can also read the full patch notes here.

Will you have a better chance withstanding the onslaught on your own in CryoFall? Courtesy of Daedalic Entertainment.
Will you have a better chance withstanding the onslaught on your own in CryoFall? Courtesy of Daedalic Entertainment.

All official servers (PvP and PvE) will be wiped on the update release day. We will also consolidate regional servers—e.g. instead of six Europe PvE servers, there will be a single Europe PvE server (with more servers added gradually if the current capacity is exceeded). This applies to all regional servers. R31 Update brings support for the local server. It is seamlessly integrated and can be used to play in singleplayer as the update title suggests. There is full support for LAN to play with your friends and family (it can be also used to play over the internet by using virtual LAN software such as Hamachi!).

This time there are also changes to how official servers will be run now that the game finally has local server support and it's easier than ever to run your own local server. Starting with R31 all official PvE servers will also have regular wipes every 6 weeks (while official PvP servers will keep their 3-week wipe cycle). This duration may change based on feedback, so once the update launches give it a go and let us know! When the update launches we will also share our plans for the coming months and there are two major developments that are going to happen relatively soon, so stay tuned!

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