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Deceive Inc. Adds New Agent In Latest Update With Free Weekend

The latest update to Deceive Inc. has been added to the game as players can experience a new agent and much more content.

Sweet Bandits Studios and Tripwire Presents added a new update this week for Deceive Inc., as players now have access to a new agent and more content. Right now, you have a noir setting in the game called Misery Empire, along with an agent that fits right into the mix named Red who comes with her own special skills and a look to die for. We have the complete rundown of everything in the game with this latest update as its available today.

Deceive Inc. Adds New Agent In Latest Update With Free Weekend
Credit: Tripwire Presents
  • Catalog System: Introducing the Catalog System, Sweet Bandits Studios' player-friendly alternative to traditional Battle Pass systems. With the release of the Misery Empire update, players can unlock the new agent, Red and other premium cosmetics with Catalog coins, earned by playing Deceive Inc., or with Bonds (in-game premium currency).
  • New Agent, Red: The versatile scoundrel spy introduces an all-new status effect: Charmed. Charmed spies are sent back into cover and gain the status effect, making them both slowed and neutralized. Spies who fire their weapons while charmed become heartbroken, removing the slow effect but making them vulnerable instead. Deceive Inc. players can unlock Red immediately for 1500 DI Credits earned by playing the game. Alternatively, players can unlock Red immediately when purchasing the premium seasonal catalog.
  • New HEAT System: Designed to reduce collateral damage and raise its operational standards, Deceive Inc. has introduced this new system to discourage unnecessary harm to civilians. Agents will be penalized with increased vulnerability and suffer extra damage when mistaking civilians for rival agents too many times in a row. Players' HEAT levels will also reduce over time.
  • TEAM Intel Update: Following player feedback and developer investigation, Team Intel will now be shared. This update is designed to slow down speedrunning tactics while incentivizing teams to take more strategic approaches towards splitting up to collect intel while providing more value to acquiring keycards in team games.
  • TEAM Revives Update: While the former system allowing players to revive a teammate once per match was a great incentive to stay alive and kept the stakes high, this new system update now allows downed spies to be revived by teammates up to three times with increasing health penalties. Moving forward players can stay in the fight longer and contribute to their team.
  • New Looks: What's the point of capturing the objective if you can't look good while doing it? Players can look forward to leveling up their looks with a wide variety of fashion-forward new agent skins available now via the Catalog System.

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