"Disco Elysium" Players Are Still Trying to Nab One Final Achievement

"Disco Elysium" Players Are Still Trying to Nab One Final Achievement
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Disco Elysium is, by far, one of the best RPG experiences you can currently have on PC. And even though it released all the way back during the last half of 2019, people are still finding exciting developments within.

One of those happens to be the achievement "Palerunner," which players are still doggedly trying to earn, even as the game has been out for five months now.

This achievement ended up being added to the game in late January, when the hardcore mode found its way into the code. Of course, there are no details about the achievements until you earn them – only the unlocked text that asks players to "phase-shift for 60 seconds."

Apparently, the way you actually have to get the achievement, according to user Sam Dreamurr is by utilizing a glitch that you can exploit by saving during a loading screen. You could then load into a black void and go through a door which would lead you back into the game world with the achievement unlocked.

But that clearly isn't the way you're supposed to be able to unlock it. As such, Disco Elysium players are puzzling things out and trying to figure out how they can get it legitimately. For now, it remains one of the game's most fascinating, best-kept secrets.

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