EA Won't Be Committing To The Switch Until They 'Understand The Demand'

EA Won't Be Committing To The Switch Until They 'Understand The Demand'

If you've been waiting for news that EA will be dropping any of their incredibly popular games onto the Switch, well, you may be waiting quite a while. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Electronic Arts have stated that they are still on the fence about committing time and resources to Nintendo Switch development, despite many other developers queuing up to get their wares on Nintendo's newest console. EA is one of the few major publishers, but not the only ones, who have yet to announce any upcoming Switch titles. So, it looks like we won't be getting that Switch Madden 18 port anytime soon.

EA's Cheif Financial Officer, Blake Jorgensen, stated that the company wants to wait out the console's debut year, as well as keep an eye on sales of FIFA 18, before becoming a fully-fledged supporter of the Switch and Nintendo, which recently celebrated an incredible second quarter, as well as reaching a milestone for having sold over 27 million Switch games, despite the small number of launch titles.

We can't quite blame EA for hedging their bets on the Switch, as even Nintendo took the console launch rather slowly with very, very few first-party games. However, pretty much everyone has started on porting games Switch, especially now that Bethesda has announced plans to hitch SkyrimDOOM, and Wolfenstein II to the bandwagon. Its likely EA is going to be keeping an eye on those sales as well as the sales of FIFA 18's Switch port before devoting any major development resources on the console.

However, if I were to guess at which AAA publisher would be being timid about adopting the Switch, it wouldn't have been EA.

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