X-23 Is Finally Coming To Funko Pop This Year

X-23 Funko Pop

X-23 is one of the most-requested mutants in any kind of merchandise, as Laura has really struck a chord with fans ever since her debut way back in NYX #3. Not to mention that since Secret Wars ended, at least as far as I am concerned, All-New Wolverine and Old Man Logan have been the most consistently good books Marvel has been putting out. And now, we are finally getting a Funko Pop. Laura is in her Wolverine costume, the classic yellow and blue, claws out. Even the Pop number in the series is 23. I would expect this one to get a ton of alternate versions and exclusives eventually, as well, just like Logan. Reports have this first one showing up as a possible Toys R Us exclusive, but nothing is confirmed. Look for it on shelves later this summer/early fall.

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