SDCC 2017 Funko Exclusives Wave 4: Cartoons Spotlight!

Wave 4 of the never-ending SDCC 2017 Funko Exclusives was just announced, coming after the Star Wars, Marvel, and Scott Pilgrim Pops. This time, we have Pops focusing on cartoons — and boy, are there a few must-buys here for me. Let's take a look, shall we?

sdcc-17-flocked-catdog-funko-exclusiveFunko Pop Flocked CatDog

sdcc-17-ren-and-stimpy-happy-happy-joy-joy-funko-exclusiveFunko Pop Happy Happy Joy Joy Ren & Stimpy Two-Pack

sdcc-2017-baxter-stockman-funko-exclusiveFunko Pop Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Baxter Stockman

sdcc-17-south-park-the-coon-funko-exclusiveFunko Pop South Park The Coon

sdcc-17-south-park-mint-berry-crunch-funko-exclusiveFunko Pop South Park Mint-Berry Crunch

Right there, that last one is a must-buy. I love that run of episodes of South Park, and Mint-Berry Crunch is so cool that I must own him. TMNT fans I'm sure are ticked that Baxter is an exclusive, but so was Casey Jones. That being said, Baxter is the best sculpt out of these Pop offerings. It's crazy to think about how different he may have looked if they had done him five years ago. They've upped their game that much, and it is awesome to see.

Flocked CatDog has to be the one most were expecting, as with any furry character they make, the first question usually asked is when the flocked version will be out. The main event for most people will be the Happy Happy Joy Joy two-pack from Ren & Stimpy, though. When the regular release of these happened earlier this year, they disappeared from shelves faster than retailers could get them in, especially since they had chases. Actually, I have yet to see a single one on the shelf with my own two eyes. If I had to guess, that will make this one one of the tougher pieces of the entire con.

Also, something to keep in mind is that Funko have said that most of their SDCC exclusives will be shared with retailers. When they announce which Pops will be where, you can bet we will let you know.

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