McFarlane Toys Heads On Down To South Park

The McFarlane Toys Construction Sets found an audience when introduced awhile back with adult collectors by producing sets focusing on more adult properties like Walking Dead that LEGO and MegaBlocks would never dare to touch. All properties sets are also piece compatible with each other so you can create fantasy scenarios across multiple licences. This is no different with the new sets they announced this week, as South Park sets will be joining the line. I have been waiting for this announcement for over twenty years, I have always wanted LEGO to do South Park even knowing that it would never happen. The first three sets leave a tad to be desired, but since they are doing both show sets and sets based on the upcoming game Fractured But Whole there is a good chance for some classic sets to be released eventually as well.

The biggest set to construct will be the Check You Privilege PC Principle set, which is from the last couple seasons of the show, and features PC Principle in his office at the boys school. You gotta love the overall look of these, keeping the look of the show is so vital to these sets, and they nailed it.



Next is the "Human Kite" version of Kyle with a supercomputer. This is a smaller set at 42 pieces and is based on his look from the game.



Finally, the last set is another small one at 45 pieces of "Toolshed" Stan with the Top Bad Guys board from the game as well. Nice touch with the Professor Chaos shout-out on the board.



The bigger PC Principle set will retail for $14.99, and the smaller sets will retail for $8.99, so these are cool and very affordable. Hopefully a Professor Chaos comes in Wave 2, that is a personal favorite. Look for these on store shelves in September.

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