Niantic is Hosting a Reality Show Competition for Ingress Prime

Niantic have taken their original AR game, Ingress Prime, and have turned it into a contest inspired by several survival-based reality tv shows. So, it's pretty much The Amazing Race but for Ingress players.

The competition, called Ingress Prime: Operation Ko Lan, takes two teams comprised of the top Ingress players in the world and puts them on a real-world adventure to solve puzzles and capture key XM portals across the island of Ko Lan in Thailand.

Ingress Prime: Operation Ko Lan has debuted on YouTube with a special episode that captures all the high and low points of the competition. The video series is surprisingly charming, considering it follows a group of highly dedicated gamers in, essentially, a game show premise. It's also great counterpoint to Vice's recent article about dedicated Ingress players who elevated their gameplay to the lengths of international spy-warfare as both work well with the main conceit of the game: that two factions are vying for control of key points across the world.

You can check out Operation Ko Lan below.

12 Ingress Agents went on the adventure of a lifetime for Operation Ko Lan in Thailand.

Follow the incredible adventures of two international teams of Agents as they work together to capture portals and unlock secrets in a race against their rivals to find the prophesied Osiris Stone, an object of reputed infinite energy

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