Niantic Is Running Tests To Change The Pokémon GO PokéCoin System

Niantic has been running PokéCoin tests in Australia since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. These limited trials have introduced to these Australian Pokémon GO trainers to new methods of accruing PokéCoins through daily tasks. Currently, the only permanent way to earn PokéCoins is by keeping Pokémon in gyms for a certain amount of time each day. Otherwise, PokéCoins must be bought through the in-game shop with actual money. Now, Niantic has announced plans to expand upon its tests by adding new tasks and stretching the location of these trials to new countries.

A look at the new PokéCoin, courtesy of Niantic.
A look at the new PokéCoin, courtesy of Niantic.

Changes coming to the Pokémon GO PokéCoin system. Credit: NianticIn their announcement of these upcoming expanded trials, Niantic wrote:

In response to positive community feedback and these results, we're updating the current PokéCoin-rewards test for Trainers in Australia as well as expanding this test to Germany, New Zealand, and Taiwan. The update introduces Team GO Rocket–related tasks to the daily activities you can complete to earn PokéCoins.

The world of Pokémon GO has more ways than ever for Trainers to play, and we're hoping to use the expanded range of activities to provide more Trainers the opportunity to earn PokéCoins. We will continue to listen to Trainer feedback as we make updates to the PokéCoin-rewards system.

These new Team GO Rocket tasks, which have yet to be revealed, are following Niantic's new function for these battles in Pokémon GO, which is also a response to the lockdown. In effort to cater the game to those still in quarantine, Niantic introduced the Team GO Rocket balloon earlier this summer, where encounters with Grunts, Team Leaders, Jessie and James, or even the boss Giovanni will come to the trainer's screen, wherever they are, in six-hour increments.

The success of these trails is yet to be determined, but based on the speed of the expansion of the PokéCoin test, trainers would do well to prepare for these to be implemented into Pokémon GO in the near future. Practice your battling skills and throwing technique, because the quest to gain free PokéCoin will likely turn from passive to task-based soon.

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