Ninja Wants Epic Games to Go After Fortnite Stream Snipers

You can't be the most popular Fortnite player on the planet and not have people gunning for you daily, as Ninja knows on Twitch all too well. If you're popular on the social streaming platform, chances are you're going to draw the attention of other gamers who are either better than you or who want to make a name for themselves at your expense, and some of them will cheat to do it and resort to stream sniping. If you don't know what that is, it'd a tactic where players will follow their favorite player's live feed and constantly try to get into a live game with them by loading up into the same regional lobby when they do. And then proceed to track them down and take them out of the game. After having a run of bad luck and assuming he was being stream sniped, Ninja went off on a rant about how Twitch and Epic Games should work together to remove these players.

Will it ever happen? Probably not. In order for this to happen, Twitch and Epic Games would need to have some sort of team who examines video footage and, like a referee, make a call as to whether a player is exhibiting behavior that looks like they're cheating. Like going across a map specifically to one spot, or following a player and killing them just to bail immediately after. But that would require streamers to actually take the time to fill out a form and report them, as there's no way either company would pay people just to watch games of Fortnite and hunt down suspects. And when you're making content, no one is going to pay to watch you fill out a report form. Our best advice to Ninja (and other streamers): hide your screen after you die until you're halfway to the ground. Otherwise, you're just giving people your information willingly before every match.

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