Non-Season Pass Holders Will Get To Craft Some New Weapons In CoD: Infinite Warfare Today


Activision rolled out a new update for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare today, giving season pass holders a new weapon, updating the Quartermaster Collection's armory, and making some of the Quartermaster Collection weapons available for crafting for all players.

For the season pass holders, the new weapon is the R-VN assault rifle, described as "a two-round burst, auto-fire, energy rifle can also be split into melee mode for faster movement and one-hit kills. When you crack this thing in half and charge into your enemies, it works sort of like a very lethal defibrillator."


The weapons from the Quartermaster collection being made available in the Prototype Lab for all players are:

  • Reaver – Machete
    Shredder: Melee attacks with this weapon cause enemies to explode
    Stockpile: Increased ammo. (Stacks with Extended Mag)
  • Volk – Corruption
    Mo' Money: Every kill grants extra experience
    Sharpshooter: Increased damage range. (Stacks with Particle Amp)
  • Erad – Destiny
    Roll the Dice: Gain 1 random attachment when you respawn
    Readiness: Reload faster when mag is empty. (Stacks with Dexterity)
  • DMR-1 – Binary
    Deathbringer: Double kills instantly reload your magazine
    Steady: Reduced hip spread. (Stacks with Laser Sight)
  • DCM-8 – Even Keel
    Stability: Reduced recoil. (Stacks with Foregrip)


Meanwhile the Quartermaster Collection is getting it's second melee weapon. If you want to get your space Shakespeare on and hew your way through enemies with a bloody axe, Activision has you covered. Finally. The details on that axe are as follows:

  • Axe – Headsman
    Hurl: Can be thrown and picked up
    Haste: Slightly increased movement speed

Not a bad update for a failed game, huh? Further details are on the Activision blog.

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