Pokémon Masters EX Adds Team Rocket's James & Weezing

Team Rocket is blasting off again, and this time instead of becoming a twinkle in the sky, they've landed in Pokémon Masters EX. One half of the dynamic duo, James, can now be found in a special story event called "Blasting Off Again." Players will be able to tag along with Jessie, James, and Meowth to the island of Pasio in a bid to, well, foul things up as they usually do. In this case, they're trying to keep a fireworks show from going on. Of course they are, because they apparently hate fun.

Team Rocket's James and his Pokemon Weezing are now in Pokemon Masters EX.
Team Rocket's James and his Pokémon Weezing are now in Pokémon Masters EX.

With Jessie, James, and Meowth, players will work to stop a fireworks show from happening on the Patio. As a result, players can recruit the James and Weezing sync pair when the event is finished. You'll have plenty of time to complete it, as the event doesn't end until January 24. Maybe by then, we'll all be able to leave our houses, too.

There are additional Pokémon Masters EX events going on as well, such as the Family Ties event, where you can join if you complete Chapter 1 of the main story. It follows trainers Lusamine, Lillie, and son Gladion as they match up in a Pokemon tournament. There's also the Legendary Arena with Azelf, as well as the Second One-Year Anniversary Bonus, where you could receive up to 3,000 Gems after completing the game's first chapter. That's nothing to sneeze at.

If you're interested in jumping into the game but haven't done so before, there are plenty of reasons to start collecting sync pairs. Now's a great time since there are so many events you can benefit from. Of course, who could honestly say they aren't interested in Team Rocket, at least a little bit?

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