PUBG Mobile Kicks Open The Toy Chest With The Royale Pass Season 13

Tencent and PUBG Corp. announced this week that PUBG Mobile has now received the Royale Pass Season 13 with a Toy Playground theme. This update is basically here to give you nostalgia feelings as the characters will look like the awesome superhero toys you used to get at the toy store, as everyone is decorated in various colors and designs will have you singing the theme song of various Saturday morning cartoon shows. To kick it off, you can also tune in today for the 24-hour unveiling of the updated Miramar map under the incoming Sandstorm, which is basically ravaging the lands all around you. You can watch the entire live stream here. We have more details as to what's been included in the latest Royale Pass below.

The PUBG Mobile Royal Pass will kick open the Toy Playground.
The PUBG Mobile Royal Pass will kick open the Toy Playground.

On Thursday, May 7, a mysterious sandstorm enveloped the Miramar map, just as it received a massive wave of new features and new locations. As a special event of the 0.18.0 content update, PUBG Mobile is hosting a 24-hour live stream of the Sandstorm to showcase how Miramar looks like beginning today on the official YouTube channel. Community members can witness the event to defend against the Sandstorm together with PUBG Mobile.

  • Puppet Agent – The Puppet Agent outfit boasts three separate forms, which can be mixed and matched for ultimate customization. Players who reach the highest rank can also upgrade the outfit to Mythic rarity.
  • New Challenge Series – Players can unlock upgrades to their outfits by completing the Toy Mastery and Puppet Agent series special missions.
  • Notification Upgrades – All RP mission reminders at the on the result page have been improved for players to see their mission progress easier; also added reminders at the beginning and the end of the season.
  • Additional Bug Fixes – Tutorial guides and some bugs have been addressed and fixed.
The PUBG Mobile Royal Pass will kick open the Toy Playground.
The PUBG Mobile Royal Pass will kick open the Toy Playground.

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