Racing Against Forces Of Nature In 'Lightfield' At PAX West

A gem in the rough in the middle of the Indie Megabooth was a game called Lightfield from Lost In The Garden. The game itself is essentially a racing title, but one with a couple new dimensions that made me smile as a fan of F-Zero. First off, the race is being held in space, with you using a racing ship to make your way around levels, so you'll be doing a bit of course following and track flying at the same time. Second, your ship can cling to the sides of objects to go faster, making the gameplay very intense when you're whipping around corners in an effort to get in first place.

In front of you, you'll see colored beams that show where your opponents are in the game, which acts as a nice beacon to show which way you need to go and also where you stand without cluttering the screen up with the information you don't need. I found Lightfield to be an amazing little racer, but it still needs some work in my opinion. The game is due out sometime next year for PS4 and Xbox One, I expect there will eventually be a PC version but that really wasn't talked about during the demo.

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