Smurfs Funko Pops Are Adorable, To Nobody's Surprise

Funko makes quite a few adorable looking versions of just about everything. Animated characters lend themselves well to the Pop treatment, so a lot of the time it is easy to see one and say "that is the most adorable Pop I have ever seen". I feel like it happens once a week actually. Well, this time I think this is the most adorable they can get. Pop Smurfs are coming, and they are almost too cute for words.

They live in mushroom-shaped houses deep in the forest.
The Smurfs, these three apple high creatures are
now receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment!

This series features the gentle and wise Papa Smurf,
the original female Smurf – Smurfette,
the intellectual and annoyance of the group Brainy Smurf,
and Astro Smurf who is also known as Dreamy Smurf.

Watch out for Purple Smurf, as this Smurf
has been infected by the Bzz fly.
Rounding out our series is the evil wizard
Gargamel, complete with his cat Azrael.

Add them all to your collection this summer!

Man, look at those! They all look so great, I can't wait for boxed photos. Brainy Smurf looks perfect, with his finger in the "ACTUALLY" pose, his little book in hand and his giant glasses. Even the purple infected Smurf looks adorable and completely harmless. But the star here is Smurfette, she is going to be a tough get. I know many Smurf collectors that have been waiting and waiting for a Pop version of her, so I am sure this will whip them into a frenzy. Gargamel even looks awesome, and I am liking this trend now with Funko including little companions as a pack-in with the regular Pops.

These are not final images, but those will be along before you know it. it looks like these will be invading stores in August.

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