Star Citizen's Second Annual Ship Showdown Is Underway

Cloud Imperium Games officially launched the Second Annual Ship Showdown in Star Citizen this week for all players to play around in. Basically this is one giant excuse to show off what everyone thinks is their favorite ship, whether it was a model they made or something they built from LEGO bricks. During this time, the devs are also launching a "Fly Free" program which will run until September 23, 2020. During that program, new players will have the rare opportunity to join the game and test pilot the community's "Top 16" favorite ships free of charge. So the event basically works two-fold on the community as those who are veterans of the system can show off what they got and make a case for having the best ship in the fleet, while newbies can jump into the game without having to pay anything and zoom around space in what the community has deemed some of the best in the game. You can read more about the "Fly Free" program below.

Does your ship have what it takes in Star Citizen? Courtesy of Cloud Imperium Games.
Does your ship have what it takes in Star Citizen? Courtesy of Cloud Imperium Games.

New pilots can fly for free in Star Citizen in celebration of the second annual Ship Showdown event. Choose from the "Top 16" most-voted-on ships selected by the Star Citizen community as prime representatives of the best and most iconic spacecraft in the game. During the Ship Showdown Free Fly celebration, new players can also look forward to special discounts on starter ship packs and a limited-time referral bonus granting a P-52 Merlin for players that refer a friend to Star Citizen. Boasting a centerline Gatling cannon and a Lightning Power engine, the Merlin is a fast, maneuverable ship that packs a surprising punch! Ideal for racing, local reconnaissance, and fast combat.

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