Director Rian Johnson Debuts New Swagged Out Pokémon GO Avatar

Pokémon GO addiction is real and if there were a support group, I'd be there at meetings, listening to my fellow trainer's speeches, maybe even whipping out my phone for a little secret Shiny check. Niantic's mobile game has become one of the most popular apps in the world, so I know I'm not alone here. In fact, Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has also confessed to a Pokémon GO addiction with a tweet showcasing his new avatar outfit. Take a look at that drip.

Rian Johnson and his Pokémon GO avatar. Credit: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and Niantic
Rian Johnson and his Pokémon GO avatar. Credit: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and Niantic

Rian Johnson, who it must be said shows immense willpower by even still being on Twitter, tweeted:

There's a humiliatingly non-zero chance that over the past six months I've spent more on pokemon go avatar outfits than on real clothes.

Before adding "but I must say" with a screenshot of that fit above. Let's do a head to toe.

Mr. Johnson is rocking the Pikachu Libre headpiece, which shows a dedication to the GO Battle League. Yes, the man PVPs.

Then, moving down to that swaggy sweater and that Christmas scarf that looks almost Weasley Couture. Mr. Johnson is decked out for the holidays and rocks his seasonal cheer without apologies. A little Christmas cheer also shows up in his red and green boots, which compliment pants so tight they may well be jeggings.

Johnson isn't the only celebrity to publicly announce a Pokémon addiction. Retired rapper Logic and popular podcaster (and also, guy about to get laid out by Floyd MayweatherLogan Paul have made headlines for their expensive Pokémon TCG purchases, while John Travolta has recently appeared in Pokémon GO content creator Mystic7's vlogs. Longtime vlogger Tyler Oakley is also an avid player and once documented his trip to Australia, where his number one mission was to catch the regional Pokémon Kangaskhan.

But were any of them as swagged out as Rian Johnson?

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