The Final Kyurem Raid Hour Of 2020 Is Tonight In Pokémon GO

Tonight, a reign of terror ends. Tonight, a dynasty falls. Tonight, probably not one single Pokémon GO player will play Raid Hour because, after a year of dynamic raid rotations lasting between one and three weeks, Niantic decided to end their year of incredible change in this game with an inexplicable five weeks of Kyurem. The final Kyurem Raid Hour and, hopefully, the final pre-Shiny and pre-fusion (more on that below) Kyurem Raid Hour ever happens in Pokémon GO. If you for some reason missed the tens of millions of opportunities you've had to battle and catch this Ice/Dragon-type species from the Unova region, Kyurem raids will pop in most gyms from 6 PM through 7 PM tonight, December 30th, 2020.

Kyurem in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Kyurem in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

It has been a long December for us raid addicts in Pokémon GO. That is, in addition to two consecutive events where Niantic releases Shinies as raid exclusives, is because of this painfully long Kyurem stay. However, one thing I'd hate to see happen, fellow trainers, is for Kyurem itself to become a hated Pokémon due to Niantic's overuse of it. There is steam still left in Kyurem raids… just not in the form we're seeing.

For example, Kyurem has an absolutely incredible Shiny. While Zekrom's Shiny is barely different and Shiny Reshiram looks majestic with its golden rings, Kyurem is the one of this draconic trio that goes for a total change in the color palette. Its body turns black, the blue chunks of ice on its face and wings turn a crystal purple, and the yellow horn (?) in the middle of its face becomes a bright magenta, making this Legendary Pokémon look like quite the fancy boi indeed.

Also, Kyurem has two different Formes coming to the game eventually. White Kyurem and Black Kyurem. Each Forme sees Kyurem fuse with one of the other Unova dragons, with Reshiram resulting in White Kyurem and Zekrom resulting in Black Kyurem. It is likely that each of these will see a separate release.

Finally, here are my predictions for how Niantic will release the Unova dragons in raids. It's not an especially fun prediction to start off with, but it gets rather spicy:

  • First, Reshiram and Zekrom will almost certainly have another raid rotation pre-Shiny release like Kyurem did.
  • Then, Kyurem with a Shiny release. And then:
  • Shiny Reshiram.
  • Shiny Zekrom.
  • White Kyurem with no Shiny available.
  • Black Kyurem with no Shiny available.
  • Probably a raid day or raid weekend event for all three where they get exclusive moves.
  • And then, finally, probably not for at least a year and a half, Shiny White Kyurem and Shiny Black Kyurem in separate rotations.

What do you think? We'd love to see your predictions as well!

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