New Battlefield Experience Coming In 2016

2555468-battlefield+hardline+5+wmIt is almost hard to remember that Battlefield Hardline came out this year. That title seemed to just come and go with out much fanfare. At least no where near as much as you'd expect out of a Battlefield title.

The series is going to have another bite of the apple come 2016 though. In a recent investor report (via n3rdabl3), EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen said that a new iteration in the franchise would hit in Q3 for Fiscal Year 2017, (so Christmas 2016).

I do think what we have said is that our intention is to try over the next couple of years to have a first-person shooter as one of the core titles, this year obviously Star Wars Battlefront, next year another Battlefield title.

We have a new Battlefield experience coming in Q3 FY 2017 and another new Star Wars project being led by the dynamic creative team of Jade Raymond and Amy Hennig. These are just a few of the new experiences in development across our studios today.

Whatever a B'attlefield Experience' is is up to interpretation, be it a mainline game or a spin off like Hardline, no one knows. I'd bet my house on it being another mainline game though…