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Bandai Namco Announces "Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope"

Supermassive Games released a brand new trailer, which is basically a greatest hits of their last release, Man Of Medan But at the end, you get the proper reveal of the next game coming sometime in 2020 This one appears to be set somewhere in old colonial America with a brand new curse, and a[...]

"Man of Medan" Now Lets You Enlist a Friend to Watch You Scream For Free

"Man of Medan" Now Lets You Enlist a Friend to Watch You Scream For Free

[caption id="attachment_1126323" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Bandai Namco[/caption]Supermassive Games' latest cinematic horror adventure Man of Medan now lets you enjoy the story with friends, even if they don't have a copy.The new Friends' Pass lets you share the game with others for a limited time When it arrives, everyone who buys the game before January 6[...]

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"Man Of Medan" Shows Off The New Movie Night Mode

Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games have a new dev diary this week for their upcoming game The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan This time around they're showing off the new Movie Night mode, where five players will join in the game, each one taking on a different character As you play the game, you[...]

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Gets a Release Date

"Man Of Medan" Receives A New Developer Diary Looking At The Curator

Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games have released a brand new developer diary for The Dark Pictures Anthology - Man of Medan This time around the diary focuses on the character The Curator, played by Pip Torrens He serves as the middle-man role you tend to see in these games where he talks to you, the[...]

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Gets a Release Date

"Man of Medan" Gets A New Dev Diary From Shawn Ashmore

Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games have released a brand new dev diary video for Man of Medan this week, only this one features Shawn Ashmore Along with some behind-the-scenes looks at how they did mocap for the game, as well as some new cutscenes we haven't seen before, we get to hear Ashmore's take on[...]

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No Likeable Heroes: We Tied "The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan" at E3

The other game I got to try out at the Bandai Namco booth during E3 2019 is Supermassive Games' latest title, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan If you're not familiar with this company, these are the same people who made Until Dawn, Hidden Agenda, and Shattered State This game plays in much the same[...]

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Gets a Release Date

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Gets a Release Date

Developed by Supermassive Games, they have fixed up the game in certain sports and made it look as clean and crisp as possible for all three platforms and PC Plus, there's a special Curator's Cut of the game coming sometime down the road, which we have more info about here.[caption id="attachment_1036007" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Bandai Namco[/caption] True[...]

Supermassive Games Trademarks Shattered State Without Exclusivity

One of the stranger pieces of news to come around this weekend is a little bit of trademark news from Supermassive Games The company filed a trademark for a brand-new IP called Shattered State, as a few people discovered through EUIPO where you can read all the information about it Normally a company throwing down a[...]

Until Dawn Creators Announce The Inpatient At Sony's E3 Conference

It's the perfect setting for a horror story, and so we've gotten a ton of horror movies that deal with hospitals.What we haven't seen before is a video game that drops players right in that hospital bed and lets them deal with the subtle body horror that is inpatient care.Thanks to Supermassive Games, we get[...]

Until Dawn 2 Is Not Getting Worked On Right Now

Until Dawn was a real sleeper hit for Sony. The game wasn't expected to do great, but actually came in to really impressive reviews and sales when all was said and done. However, that doesn't seem to have prompted any rush for a sequel. Supermassive said in an interview with Gamesindustry that while the developer […]

Until Dawn Is Celebrating Halloween With A Pumpkin Search And More Goodies

While I understand why Until Dawn came out in August rather than around Halloween, with so many huge franchise titles hitting, it absolutely would still be a great game to play on the day. If you've not played it, certainly, I encourage it for some scares over the weekend. If you've played it though, the […]

Until Dawn Gets A Binaural Choice Driven Trailer

It is odd for a game to get a trailer well over a month after its release, but this new Until Dawn ad is something else. It's really quite interesting too. If you will, get some headphones on and give this a go. This trailer lets you choose your own path like in the game and […]

Until Dawn 2 Is Being Discussed "Internally"

In an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle, executive producer on the game Pete Samuels has addressed this, saying it is a possibility, as long as the Supermassive Games can find something to do with it. We do talk internally about what Until Dawn 2 could be, as it clearly can’t be a sequel in the traditional sense, with the same[...]

Until Dawn Was The Highest Trending Game On Youtube In August

Trending games on YouTube can be a real indication of success or failure for a game. The power of the platform is impossible to overstate, and for things that aren't Call of Duty and the like, it can mean success or not. Well, according to Kotaku, Until Dawn won the month of August as the […]

Until Dawn Review – When Do I Go Home?

Each of the characters you play are cut from a stereotypical cloth adding a sense of familiarity to the game, that Supermassive games plays with.I suppose one thing I should answer off the bat is 'is it scary?' I'd say yes, at times While it relies heavily on jump scares and never truly gets to[...]

One Of Until Dawn's Most Gory Scenes Is Getting Censored In Japan

Until Dawn doesn't pull any punches when it comes to representing gore. It can get down right grizzly at some points, never shying away too much from the nasty of what is happening. It appears that it in fact, it might be a little too hard edge for Japan. As Kotaku report, certain scenes are […]

Not Being Able To Archive Twitch Streams Of Until Dawn Was An Accident

Yesterday, I wrote that Twitch wasn't archiving streams of Until Dawn, being a thorn in the side of some video content creators. Well, it turns out this wasn't an intentional decisions. Speaking to Engadget (via VG247), a Sony representative revealed this was an accident on their part: We are currently working on a fix that will enable […]

You Can't Archive You Streams Of Until Dawn On Twitch

I'm sure quite a lot of online content creators were planning on making videos of them playing Until Dawn. Horror games are big in the streaming and lets play world. However, if you were planning to do a live stream on Twitch, be aware that archives of the game are not saving. After reports of this […]

Until Dawn Trailer Focuses On The Horror

There seems to be this consensus on the internet that I've seen recently that Until Dawn is going to be a mediocre to bad game. I don't know where it came from, but I'm holding out hope for the title. I think it is a novel concept that could make for a pretty novel game. […]

Until Dawn Trailer Is All About The Choices You'll Be Making

Until Dawn is going to be a lovely bit of cold teen horror in the summer when it hits this month. The game, which is centered around a group of friends who go to a log cabin during a snow storm, is all about navigating the crew through the nightmare as they are hunted down […]