The World Of Final Fantasy Update Notes Got A Bit Sassy With Us Recently


World of Final Fantasy got it's version 1.03 patch yesterday, and whle reading the notes, several players noticed that the dev team got just a bit sassy with us. Whoever wrote up these patch notes saw their chance to really make a difference, and they took it.

Update 1.03 gave us quite a few changes to the game, including the next DLC Champion, Balthier. Other tweaks include the ability to save at most Gates (still not the Main Gate or Exit Gates), improvements to make item use a bit faster, a Fast-Forward setting in the Configuration menu, and a "Random" playlist for Battle Theme selections.

Then things got a bit shady. In the best way. The next parts of the notes go over the new ability to skip animations and the general bug fixes, but this is where our hero takes their stand.

"If you want, we've given you the power to skip Champion and Mega Mirage animations with the O button," the note reads, "completely invalidating the work of dozens of artists with a single squeeze of your almighty, indifferent thumb."

Naturally, people noticed. And their reactions on twitter have so far been pretty spot on. There's a lot of laughter and amusement. Which is fantastic considering we've all been shaded so hard for requesting to skip animations.

The next bit of the note also has some personality. "And, of course, we've crushed some bugs. CRUSH! They're gone! Happy imprisming!"

All I can say is, well played World of Final Fantasy, well played.

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