Legends Of Tomorrow – Breaking The Rules To Save Reality… And Dare I Say Kamandi

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During last nights season finale, we did our first live reaction / tweet event which you can see here. We will be doing more when the rest of the Arrowverse returns at the end of the month.

This season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow has been a fun one. The writer got to work in George Lucas, J.R.R. Tolkien and the Justice Society. They took some of the best villains from the Arrowverse and put them together to make the Legion of Doom and they gave us booth the Hall of Justice and the Hall of Doom. They made Felicity Smoak a costume, Ray Palmer because a Knight of the Round Table and Amaya got to chat with a dinosaur. The show went from being a bit of a mess in season one to the most fun and outlandish in season two. There was nothing they couldn't at least try to do. I mean, Ray even went to the moon.

The season finale last night was fitting, because it wasn't about action and explosions… there were plenty of them… and it wasn't about out maneuvering your opponent. It came down to the one thing this show has always been about… redemption. Taking a group of outcasts and misfits and turning them into Legends.

To sum up the episode, Rip get the Waverider back on track, finds the team and then they go into S.T.A.R Lab and steal back the Atom suit (Ray actually kisses the suit when he gets it back) to bring the ship back to full size. They then travel back into 1916 to get the blood of Christ only to have Reverse-Flash show up, destroy the blood and rip Ray's heart out. Yeah, he went full-on Temple of Doom. This was just the first of many deaths… but the impact was lessened when you realize that if the future Legends succeed in destroying the spear then they would cease to exist anyway. So as long as they succeed, the deaths would come either way. That's not to say it wasn't a, "Oh gawd damn!" moment.

With that part of the plan destroyed, the team tries to steal the spear but get caught by their past selves and then while they are trying to regroup, the Waverider is attacked by Leonard Snart, Damian Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn. The ship is damaged, so the new plan is to push through the Legion and get the past Legends onto the future Waverider and get them out of there before the Legion can get the spear. Good plan and while more of the future Legends die, the past legends plus future Sara make it to the ship only to be confronted by the Thawne Army. Eobard collected Reverse-Flashes from all different points of time to help fight the Legends.

As he tries to take them down, Rip tells Sara to use the spear. She's worried, thinking she's not pure enough, but when there is no other option she does… and ends up sitting in Laurel's apartment on movie night drinking wine. Sara sees she can change many things, all the way back to getting on the Queen's Gambit. She could save he sister, keep her parents from separating, etc. But she knows that isn't right and makes her decision. Thawne rips the spear from Sara's hand, saying she was too slow and he started to use the spear himself… only nothing happened. Sara used the spear's power to take away the spear's power. Thawne is almost impressed, but is about to kill Sara when the Black Racer shows up and we see Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, erased from existence one more time.

The future Sara disappears as well, leaving the past Legends as the only ones and they head out to put the Legion members back where they should be with no memory. Darhk back in the 80s, Snart in 2014 and Merlyn in his crappy apartment in 2017… he may still have his memories, it wasn't clear. Once all that was done, Rip Hunter leaves the team, taking the jump ship. Sara is the captain of the Waverider and leader of the Legends, and Rip sees that. Once he departs, the team decides to allow Mick Rory to pick the destination and he choose Aruba… the place he's been talking about for a while. But the ship is hit by a time quake created by the Legends looping into their own time… and the ship crashes down in Los Angeles, 2017… but it's not the normal L.A., this is filled with strange buildings and dinosaurs.

This is where season three will kick off and I'm thinking that we may be looking at the world of Kamandi. Jack Kirby created Kamandi as his version of the Planet of the Apes and I could see Legends kicking off there. Not a full season with dinosaurs and talking animal creatures… but maybe an episode or two while the team gets its bearing. This year Kirby would've been 100 years old and DC is doing the Kamandi Challenge in the comics, it would make sense to touch on the world for a bit. I think the budget for that would preclude from doing more than an episode or two. Similar to the way the spent time with the JSA at the beginning of season two.

I really enjoyed this season of Legends. It was big, bold and bombastic in the way a comic book show should be. The characters continued to grow, but still feels like there's more to see. The show doesn't do what you expect, ever. The finale had ample ways to bring back characters like Laurel Lance and Leonard Snart, but it didn't take them. As crazy as it gets, they don't take the easy solutions and always make the characters face the ramifications of their actions. Now we just have to sit back and wait until the fall to see what new insanity the writers come up with.

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