The Six Important Moments In This Week's Gotham – Everyone Has A Cobblepot

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GothamDentGotham is heading into a five week hiatus before the final four episodes of the season and last night's episode, Everyone Has A Cobblepot, was a bit of a game changer. Where the previous episode made changes to everyone around them, Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock had been pretty much left alone. So this week the episode was mainly about there relationship.

1) Gordon finds out that Detective Flass is not only being cleared but also backing Flass as the head of the Policeman's Union. The witness that cleared Flass was Harvey Bullock after being forced by Commissioner Loeb. We learn that Gordon wasn't the first person given a gun and a thug and sent down to the end of a pier. But as Bullock says, his Cobblepot didn't come back and Loeb collects all this as blackmail material on almost all the cops on the GCPD. This not only shows how powerful Loeb is but also strains the relationship between Gordon and Bullock.

2) While Gordon moves forward without Bullock, he turns to Harvey Dent to help him take on Loeb which helps build up the relationship between the two. But since both of them are headstrong and don't think of the ramifications of things, they end up charging head first into danger. The difference between the two Harvey's is that Bullock tempers Gordon's headstrong desire for justice. Dent just adds fuel to it making them both a bit reckless.

3) The Bullock we saw in the beginning of the season couldn't have cared less what would happen to Gordon. But now we have a Bullock that actually cares about his partner and regrets some of the things he has allowed to happen. He must have been keeping an eye on his partner and was able to come to the rescue when it was needed. This is the line in the sand moment for Bullock. Similar to the one when they went after Carmine Falcone, except then Bullock had nothing to lose then. Now he has everything to lose and could end up in prison. This is the redemption moment Bullock has needed.

4) When they need help, they turn to the last person Gordon wants to deal with, Oswald Cobblepot. And of course the Penguin is only too happy to help… in exchange for a favor in the future. This is a dark road Gordon has to go on and it's Bullock that warns him before he agrees. It's obvious that Gordon will regret this deal later, but it's a clear indication that you can't fight corruption without ending up a bit corrupted yourself. At least until Gordon finds a friend who is completely uncorruptible.

5) Selina Kyle comes and visits Bruce Wayne at the hospital bedside of Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred refused to rat our Reggie and thinks it's about him. Bruce knows that it's about his investigation and he has to find Reggie. Selina tells Bruce he's crazy and that she will help. But Bruce refuses… cause a loner's got to be alone… but she tells him she knows where to find her. Now this feels like they're setting up more Bruce and Selina adventures, but maybe not. Bruce says he can't let anyone else get hurt because of his quest to clean up Wayne Enterprises. That sounds a lot like Batman.

6) With what Penguin leads them to at the farm house, Gordon has enough leverage to basically blackmail Loeb into letting Flass stand trial and for him to get the file on Bullock. He also uses it to have Loeb back him for President of the Policeman's Union. So Gordon cleared his partner, but he also used the same tactics that Loeb is using and is now indebted to Cobblepot. A giant hop down the rabbit hole I think.

Bonus) And not to forget, we get to see Fish Mooney work her way up to management with Dr. Dulmacher who is pretty much insane. He seems to like swapping body parts to see just how much of you is you… oh and he likes Salsa dancing. All of this chess playing between Fish and Dulmacher seems to be made moot when at the end of the episode we learn they are on an island out in the middle of nowhere. So any plans Fish had of escaping just became far more difficult.

Now we get to wait a few weeks before the last four episodes. The thing is, we don't seem to have an imminent threat right now. We saw the war building between Falcone and Maroni but that is now is calm. The betrayal of Fish has already been dealt with. Loeb has been somewhat neutralized. Dulmacher seems to be a threat growing in the background… so what do the producers have to build to for the season finale? There doesn't seem to be any "oh man, what's going to happen next" things going on right now… and going into a five week hiatus, that's not a good thing.


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