The New Hitman Game Will Launch 'Unfinished'


One story I didn't get to during the PlayStation press conference was the a new Hitman game had been announced. It was simply called Hitman and is out December 8th.

During the conference it was said that the game would have some kind of implementation system and would get more added to it over time. I didn't quite understand what they were saying, but perhaps this will help clear it up. Speaking to Videogamer, IO Interactive head Hannes Seifert explained:

It is fully complete at launch but it is not finished. What we do is we start the journey on December 8 and what we put out there is going to be a big game. But over the course of 2016 we'll add more locations, more missions and we'll have things like targets that only appear for, say, 2 days. That's something you can only do in the live world.

We're not an Early Access game because Early Access games are unfinished by definition – you're part of the development. Everything we ship on December 8 will be completely finished, it will be a very polished experience. It's also going to be a very big game. There are other products that sell a game for $60 and then try to sell you a Season Pass for another $40 on top, so you spend $100 or $120 for all the stuff that happens later on. We said no, we don't want to do that.

So in the grand scheme of things, this sounds good. It looks like free DLC additions over time. But soemthing about this wording seems odd. Is 'Unfinished' the right word? Does it warn us to expect some weird business shenanigans? I really need to see this outlined properly.