Can Roman Reigns Get The Undertaker Booed at Madison Square Garden?

The Undertaker has achieved legendary status with pro wrestling fans and is treated to a massive crowd pop whenever he makes a rare appearance. The next appearance of the Dead Man is scheduled for WWE's Madison Square Garden SummerSlam Heat Wave house show, and according to MSG's website, he'll be teaming up with Bruan Strowman and Roman Reigns to take on Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin, and Elias. Roman Reigns is basically the anti-Undertaker, booed no matter where he goes or what he does. So when he steps in the ring with The Undertaker and fan-favorite Braun Strowman on his team, how will the crowd react?

Picture this: the Dead Man is playing the Ricky Morton role, getting beat down by the heels who prevent him from tagging out. Strowman is down outside, having crashed through a barricade or an announce table or a mack truck. The Undertaker, beaten and desperate, looks to Roman Reigns on the ring apron. His eyes say everything: "This really is your yard, Roman. Thanks for letting play in it. Save me!" He makes the hot tag. Reigns comes in and clears the ring. How does the crowd react?

In WWE's neverending quest to get Roman Reigns cheered by the crowd, there's no length to which they won't go, including sacrificing one of their biggest stars of all time. But will it work? Or will the crowd simply turn on Taker and Strowman? Or, as most often happens, will the crowd simply switch team alignment whenever Roman is in the ring, completely breaking the immersion of pro wrestling?

We'll find out July 7th. Get your tickets now!

roman reigns loses at wrestlemania 34

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