Disneyland Will Furlough More Employees

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is in no way stopping anytime soon. While there have been talks about a vaccine, that doesn't mean we're any closer to getting back to normal. One of the main ways that life has changed is that we can't gather in large groups, which means many things can't happen. One of those things is theme parks. While other Disney parks in Florida and other locations have been able to reopen with strict caps on how many people can be in the parks, Disneyland in California remains closed. Disney has been trying to figure out what they need to do to reopen, but things just aren't working out, and cases of COVID-19 continue to rise. According to a memo from Disneyland President Ken Potrock obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, it isn't really that surprising that Disneyland must furlough even more employees and executives.

"After nearly eight months our parks and hotels remain closed, and while we have had some successes — like the opening of the Downtown Disney District in July, shopping and dining coming soon to Buena Vista Street and today's announcement that we will reopen Disney Vacation Club units — the recently released state guidelines put us in limbo regarding a reopening timeline in the foreseeable future," reads the memo. "As you know, we've already taken the heart-wrenching action of laying off thousands of our Cast on both coasts. We expected to be able to open our parks in Anaheim, given our proven ability to operate with responsible health and safety protocols as we have in all of our other theme parks around the world, but unfortunately, this has not been the case." 

Disneyland Closes Due to Coronavirus
The castle at Disneyland during a fireworks show. Photo by Kaitlyn Booth

The reality of the situation is there are just too many people not abiding by guidelines. It only takes one person being sick and not wearing a mask to cause another outbreak. We've seen how these "super spreader" events work. Until everyone all over the country starts getting their collective shit together and stops acting like social distancing and wearing a mask is like walking across a sea of LEGO's barefoot, nothing fun is going to open. We can't get back to leisure activities, vacations like going to Disneyland, even seeing family until everyone does their part. Stop being selfish, stop being idiotic, and follow the god damn guidelines. I really hate writing articles about good people losing their jobs.

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