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Another Indie Reveals Two Games During Guerilla Collective Showcase

Another Indie Reveals Two Games During Guerilla Collective Showcase

There were a lot of announcements during the Guerilla Collective Showcase, including a pair of new reveals from publisher Another Indie The two games revealed on their end were Doors Of Insanity formed developer OneShark, and Vigil: The Longest Night from developer Glass Heart Games Inc are you didn't catch either of them during Guerilla[...]

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The Soundtrack To "Yuppie Psycho" Is Getting A Vinyl Release

The game was released last year by Another Indie and had an amazing soundtrack to it from Michael "Garoad" Kelly Kelly was also responsible for the VA-11 HALL-A soundtrack, which made him a perfect fit for the game You can currently pre-order the album for €34, which is about $38, and will ship in April[...]

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"Elden: Path Of The Forgotten" Gave Us A Challenge At PAX West

The other fresh title we got to try out from Another Indie during PAX West 2019 was a retro-looking game called Elden: Path Of The Forgotten This is a midevil RPG with some kind of religious roots tied to it There is no spoken story, no dialog, no real text screens to follow This is[...]

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We Gave "Simulacra 2" A Spin During PAX West 2019

Another Indie brought their booth to PAX West 2019, and with it, several games to try out We saw most of what they had so we focused on the new, like Simulacra 2 Developed by Kaigan Games, the sequel lets you choose between being a police detective or an investigative reporter, where you will dig[...]

Moving Lands While Racing in Georifters at PAX East 2019

The folks at Another Indie brought one more demo with them that we saw at PAX East this year, the last we tried from them being Georifters from Busy Toaster The game has what appears to be both a single-player and a two-player competition mode, but we only got to try out the two-player version[...]

Living By The Blade As We Try Jack Axe at PAX East 2019

Living By The Blade As We Try Jack Axe at PAX East 2019

We got a chance to visit the Another Indie booth at PAX East this year, and the first game they showed off to us was Jack Axe This is a multiplayer platformer where your axe serves as your best friend as you will use it to explore the world and make your way through different[...]

Yuppie Psycho Finally Gets An Official Release Date for April 2019

One of the best games we've played at the past few conventions was an interesting horror game called Yuppie Psycho from Baroque Decay and Another Indie We've wanted to play this game for a while now, but every time it looked like we might hear something, we just got silence Finally, nearly a year after[...]

Yuppie Psycho Brings New Meaning to the Phrase "Office Horror Story"

[caption id="attachment_826784" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Another Indie[/caption]Baroque Decay's Yuppie Psycho has you control the hapless Brian Pasternack on his first day of work at Sintracorp, a corporation which just might be controlled by a witch Pasternack has no work experience, didn't apply to the job, and just shows up on a random day with his job offer[...]

Scratching that Dark Souls Itch with Sinner from Another Indie

If you've been looking for something that plays like Dark Souls but isn't as long and drawn out, we may have a game that could act as comfort food as we tried out Sinner: Road to Redemption, developed by Dark Star and being published by Another Indie, out on the PAX East floor The game is[...]

This is Not the Job We Signed Up For in Yuppie Psycho

One of the funnier games that caught our eyes over at PAX East was a title from Another Indie called Yuppie Psycho, which has a very futuristic horror blend in a 16-bit world that made us excited to play the entire demo The game puts you int he role of a lonely worker bee who[...]